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Review: To Hair and Back by Rhonda Eason

★★★★½ To Hair and Back by Rhonda Eason

A delightful romp through a woman’s head, the hair on it and the brain inside it, To Hair and Back is a life story told, as the author states, “one strand at a time.” In this well-conceived memoir based on Rhonda Eason’s now-overcome longing for what she saw as “perfect” hair, she demonstrates her artistic verve, cleverly aligning various stages of her life to the struggles behind the scenes with her uncooperative tresses.…

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Review: Deadly Trespass by Sandra Neily

★★★★★ Deadly Trespass Cover

When Cassandra Patton Conover, a lone nature writer and conservationist, takes to the Maine wilds with her dog Pock into private grounds for good fishing, she discovers the body of her friend crushed under a tree. Confused by the circumstances of her friend’s death, she must now risk everything she cares about to uncover the mystery behind her untimely death in Deadly Trespass by Sandra Neily.…

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Review: Come As You Are by Steven Ramirez

★★★★ Come As You Are by Steven Ramirez

If anyone discovers a source of mysterious power that can help solve all their problems, it is probably too good to be true. That is certainly the case in Come As You Are, a chilling YA horror novella from author Steven Ramirez.…

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Review: Intrinsic by Jerry Collins

★★★★ Intrinsic

Jatara is a powerful and of course, beautiful and magical Kali-like goddess who can destroy men and cities in a moment. Her war of terror spans Ancient Greece, Egypt and the slaves of the Pyramids where her humble beginnings are revealed, to modern-day New York, with her dark magician son Kragon taking on the power of the nastiest demons to conquer all men, despite having a mortal, pregnant girlfriend.…

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Review: Nannion by Andreas Androutsellis-Theotokis

★★★★ Nannion

Everyone loves a cat story, and Nannion by Andreas Androutsellis-Theotokis  features the eponymous off-white street cat in a surprising science fiction tale of earth sciences and Greek history. Although not a story for children (Nannion, the cat’s namesake, was in fact a prostitute in Ancient Greece) there is a childlike quality to the narration that makes the cat’s relationship with Claire, a lonely and dying marine biologist working in the Aegean Sea around Athens and the island of Dioptra, cozy reading.…

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Review: The Will by Benjamin Laskin

★★★★ The Will by Benjamin Laskin

When Josh McCain’s father dies, all signs point to this young man inheriting a fortune and continuing in his irresponsible, hedonistic and self-serving lifestyle, but his father has other plans in store. In The Will, a unique new novel from Benjamin Laskin, readers are introduced to a stereotypical playboy, with a Bruce Wayne-level of cockiness and untouchability, only to see it stripped away by a clever father with a vision of what his son’s life could be.…

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