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Review: The Gospel According to Yeshua’s Cat by C.L. Francisco

yeshuas catThe Gospel According to Yeshua’s Cat is a Christian fiction story by world religion expert C.L. Francisco.

Mari, a little black cat, travels with Yeshua, tucked inside his robe as he fulfills his destiny as the son of God. Through the eyes of a cat, details of his life and times are elegantly described to the reader for an especially spiritual Mashup Fiction experience.…

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Review: GunKnight by Cynthia & Scott Green

Gunknight ReviewGunKnight, the first part of The GunKnight Chronicles by Cynthia & Scott Green, is a quirky sci-fi story set in a world where guns are sacred tools which the desperate and the proud alike must live by. Colt, the only known surviving GunKnight – a technoreligious warrior clad in a powerful suit of biotech armor – wakes up in a dusty crater, alone, with only a crippling pain and a flickering heads-up display to jog his memory and guide his path through what may be a dead Earth.…

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Review: Kisses in the Wind by Forbes Skinner


Kisses in the Wind is a near-future apocalyptic story written by ex-pat South American writer Forbes Skinner, writes SPR’s Cate Baum.

As attorney Neil Myers recovers from a mental illness in the heart of Washington DC,  he imagines that women have taken over the world.…

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Review: Cat Eyes by Teneca Meeks

Cat Eyes Teneca MeeksCat Eyes by Teneca Meeks follows Tia, a hardworking single girl who one night finds herself abducted by the Equestrians, an extraterrestrial species of tiger-like creatures intent on breeding with human women to save their race. But will Tia be able to help them with their mission before Diane, a scientist with her own murderous agenda, threatens the future of the Equestrians?…

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Review: Straight Lines by Gregory Sacchet

92a35148e90e21b9e8f3831752413ca8ee5e69ffAddiction memoirs are an interesting genre, because really they’re all variations on the same basic story. A person gets involved in their drug of choice, hits rock bottom in a myriad of ways, and then climbs their way back up. The very fact that there’s a book implies that the addict has pulled his or her life together to a degree, so by design the book is uplifting, even when telling tales of degradation.…

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Review: Poe: Nevermore by Rachel M Martens

Poe:Nevermore ReviewThis Edgar Allen Poe-themed story follows Elenora Allison Poe, a desperate young woman suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after a terrible event. She meets homicide cop, Caleb Frost and is dragged into a new truth about her life – and possible demise.…

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Review: What if Tomorrow Never Comes? by Neil David Schwartz

what-if-tomorrow-never-comes-neil-david-schwartz-paperback-cover-artWhat if Tomorrow Never Comes? is the tragic and moving story of Neil David Schwartz, an attorney in Los Angeles whose daughter passed away from a rare form of cancer in her late twenties. In the middle of this trying time, his wife died in her sleep – literally, it would seem, of a broken heart.…

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