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Review: Love Poems: Are You The One? by Steve Ryan

Love Poems: Are You The One? by Steve RyanLove Poems: Are You The One? is a collection of heartfelt poetry written by musician -poet Steve Ryan, and the second such themed collection published on Amazon by the author, this time on the subject of love and romance. Also a singer/songwriter, Ryan uses his lyrical talents to create succinct and intriguing pieces on a wide range of emotions and subjects intending to tackle the many dimensions of the searching question of any romance: “Are you The One?”

The book contains forty-nine poems of a contemporary American style with a little of the Georgia vibe of Judson Mitcham or Natasha Tretheway to the narrative flow, a confrontational and conversational flow devoid of much regard for lines, instead concentrating on rhythm of the emotion in the words chosen.…

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Review: Illusive Intrusion by Tomasz Chrusciel

Illusive IntrusionThe cover and blurb for Illusive Intrusion by Tomasz Chrusciel are intriguing. Sisters Bianka and Niamh are offered a trip of a lifetime. Two weeks at a luxurious hotel on Gran Canaria. Niamh is invited for a modeling gig and since she’s underage, her older sister, Bianka, is her chaperone.…

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Review: High Andes by Rolf Margenau

High AndesHigh Andes is an international thriller with an ambitious and beautiful setting across times. The third book in the Wylie Cypher series, Rolf Margenau’s adventure follows Cypher through his “midlife crisis”, his marriage crumbling and his mind set on a trek across the White Mountains of Peru (the Cordillera Blanca) with his daughter, Mercy, stumbling into the depths of the effects of Peruvian socio-economic collapse in the 1980s as they weave the Inca trails, and unwittingly, a life and death case of espionage and smuggling with the CIA thrown in for good measure, as an exciting chase takes place to conceal secret documents and civil war breaks.

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Review: Recognize Them! by Zane Safrit

Recognize Them Zane SafritRecognize Them: 52 Ways to Recognize Your Employees In Ways They Value* Including Your Bosses by Zane Safrit, the CEO of a thriving business with years of entrepreneurial experience, is a can-do manual for respecting and developing your relationships at work when you are leading, or indeed, working as part of a team.…

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Review: Here, There, Everywhere by Peter Dunkley

Here, There, EverywherePeter Dunkley was going to become a lawyer when he fell in love and gave it all up – and then gave all that up – for a life of travel and adventure, starting in Bombay in the 1950s.

Now retired, Peter’s book Here, There, Everywhere is a charming memoir on a road less traveled by an Englishman abroad, finding true love along the way.…

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Review: The Unfinished Tower of Babel by Dr. Robert L. Bonn

The Unfinished Tower of BabelToday, the never-completed Tower of Babel remains a symbol of how a divine, otherworldly power can enter into and change the course of human history.

Dr. Robert L. Bonn, a sociologist, delves into how the biblical story of the Tower of Babel has influenced history in his fascinating book The Unfinished Tower of Babel.…

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Review: How the Water Falls by K. P. Kollenborn

How the water fallsHistory is dominated by people including everyday people. One of the benefits for authors of historical is the ability to bring to life fictional characters set into real life events. This adds a layer of accessibility right from the start and eases the reader into the wonderful world of history.…

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