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Review: Travels With My Hat by Christine Osborne

Review Travels With My HatSPR Awards Non-Fiction Winner “Travels With My Hat” reviewed by SPR editor Cate Baum.

Christine Osborne is a travel photographer who has dedicated her entire life to capturing on film what it is to live on Planet Earth. Tracing a line through the Middle East and Africa, into countries that might be thought of by most to be “scary” destinations for a slim, blonde woman, Christine jumped in feet first with her Australian roots to help her along,  in her trusty blue hat and a camera her constant companion.…

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Review: The Brain Within Its Groove by L.N. Nino

the brain within its groove review The Brain Within Its Groove is a novella by L.N. Nino inspired by the poem of the same name by Emily Dickinson.

The book is written as a final confessional and memoir by a long-retired, previously-proud and renowned psychiatrist having succumbed to an overwhelming and mysterious mental illness.…

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Review: Searching For Paradise by Gerard Marconi

searching for paradise Cate Baum, editor of SPR reviews SPR Awards Shorts winner Searching For Paradise by Gerard Marconi.

It is rare that a male American writer writes about his feelings and experiences in relation to others, especially women. Offerings over the years have been rather narcissistic perspectives in the form of Kerouac, Thompson and Bukowski, with females no better off than a hatstand.…

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Review: From Blood Reborn by Keith Soares

from blood reborn reviewFrom Blood Reborn is the third part of the Oasis of Filth series by Keith Soares, following the unlikely hero of the nameless doctor in his continuing journey across the formerly United States of America. Years after the human race’s fall from grace with the outbreak of “RL2013” – a mysterious disease that causes a slow and maddening death to anyone who is infected, with no known cure – governments move their people more and more into sterile, utilitarian walled settlements where anything but absolute cleanliness and obedience is enforced with strict justice and regular “disappearances” of accused plague victims.…

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Review: Behind the Sun by Sherrie Todd-Beshore

behind the sunBehind the Sun by Sherrie Todd-Beshore is an ambitious book that is just shy of 600 pages. At the crux of the story is a mystery about an ancient people who captivated Dr. Guy Williams, an archaeologist, after Williams uncovers a key piece of documentation.…

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Review: Flying Snakes and Green Turtles: Tanzania Up Close by Evelyn Voigt

Flying Snakes and Green TurtlesFlying Snakes and Green Turtles: Tanzania Up Close is a love story. Not just between Geoff and Vicky Fox, but also their love of Tanzania. This small nation in Eastern Africa may not be well-known and that is a shame. Tanzania is one of the poorest countries economically, but its biodiversity abounds and astonishes those who witness it first-hand.…

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