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Review: From Blood Reborn by Keith Soares

from blood reborn reviewFrom Blood Reborn is the third part of the Oasis of Filth series by Keith Soares, following the unlikely hero of the nameless doctor in his continuing journey across the formerly United States of America. Years after the human race’s fall from grace with the outbreak of “RL2013” – a mysterious disease that causes a slow and maddening death to anyone who is infected, with no known cure – governments move their people more and more into sterile, utilitarian walled settlements where anything but absolute cleanliness and obedience is enforced with strict justice and regular “disappearances” of accused plague victims.…

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Review: Behind the Sun by Sherrie Todd-Beshore

behind the sunBehind the Sun by Sherrie Todd-Beshore is an ambitious book that is just shy of 600 pages. At the crux of the story is a mystery about an ancient people who captivated Dr. Guy Williams, an archaeologist, after Williams uncovers a key piece of documentation.…

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Review: Flying Snakes and Green Turtles: Tanzania Up Close by Evelyn Voigt

Flying Snakes and Green TurtlesFlying Snakes and Green Turtles: Tanzania Up Close is a love story. Not just between Geoff and Vicky Fox, but also their love of Tanzania. This small nation in Eastern Africa may not be well-known and that is a shame. Tanzania is one of the poorest countries economically, but its biodiversity abounds and astonishes those who witness it first-hand.…

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Review: Albatross by J. M. Erickson

AlbatrossBefore turning his hand to Sci-fi, J. M. Erickson, the author of Future Prometheus, wrote a series of spy thriller novels, the Birds Of Flight series. Albatross is the first book of that series. In this book we meet Alexander Burns, a former special-ops agent who has been set up by a colleague.…

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Review: Prince S by Anita Renaghan

Prince SAnita Renaghan’s Prince S is a delightful addition to the young adult fantasy genre. S. Avalon Hall, a girl, is raised by the king of Fontanasia as a boy. The king needs to have a rightful heir to the throne to protect his rule and to ensure that the Hall family maintains their control in the kingdom.…

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Review: The Last Falcon by Colleen Ruttan

The Last FalconWarning: Do not start reading this book until you’ve cleared your schedule. Take the dog out, make lots of tea, and have snacks available. Once you start, you won’t want to stop reading.

At the age of fourteen, Erynn Taylor witnesses her father’s murder.…

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Review: Fiat by Jeffrey D. Schlaman

fiatApocalyptic literature has been with us a long time, perhaps as long as humans have been telling stories, and certainly long before nuclear weapons and human activities threatened civilization. From Noah and his ark to Mary Shelley’s The Last Man to Cormac McCarthy’s The Road, readers (and listeners) have loved stories about the worst that might happen and how the fittest might survive.…

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