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Review: Dead Angels By Glen R. Stott ★ ★ ★★

Oily, paranoid, grim. “Dead Angels” by Glen R. Stott is an uncomfortable book, one that before any further reading should carry the warning that it touches on very sensitive material, and while it does not do so in any way gratuitously, or without proper understanding of the horror of the topic, it does not hold back or shy away from exploring it.…

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Review: The Oasis of Filth by Keith Soares

The Oasis of Filth by Keith Soares is a short story written as the memoirs of a man surviving through the modern “zombie apocalypse”. While many people may be thinking “oh no, not again”, let me put your fears to rest that this is not yet another Walking Dead or World War Z.…

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Review: Leviticus By Daniel Seltzer

Leviticus by Daniel Seltzer, the first book of the When We Were Gods trilogy, is the mental autobiography of behind-the-times Levi Clayton “Clay” Furstman, an individual with a solitary streak to his existence that causes him to examine everything about himself and the world in an increasingly “outsider” perspective as he ages, and the world moves in directions he finds questionable – and often saddening – as technology overcomes what he believes to be common sense and the very essence of what it means to be human and to enjoy a fulfilling and social existence.…

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Review: The Lives of Things by Stephanie Wilson Medlock

The world is filled with art of all types: statues, paintings, clocks, jewelry, dolls, and more. Artists from the beginning of time have attempted to make this world more beautiful and to leave their mark. Not all artists achieve international fame, but many want to.…

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Review: Warming The Rose by Marta Smyk

When a distracted gardener leaves Anastasia, the most beloved rose in the garden, uncovered and exposed to freezing temperatures, Anastasia’s fellow flowers must come to her rescue in this charming children’s story of friendship, bravery, and the power of hope.

Amadeus, the hero of this tale, is both inspiring and engaging.…

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Review: Barely Breathing by Michael J Kolinski

Barely Breathing by Michael Kolinski is an edgy thriller that isn’t afraid to take on difficult subject matters to get the reader to think as well as be entertained.

Jake Wood has recently survived a tragedy that left seven people dead.…

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Review: Katerina by Rita D’Orazio

Katerina by Rita D’Orazio is the sequel to her first book, Don’t Look Back; however if you haven’t read the first one, no worries. This can be read as a standalone. The author does a wonderful job of not referring to incidents or characters that only readers of the first novel would understand.…

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Review: Beneath The Surface By Stanley Yokell

This book full of fictional diving incidents kicks off with two accomplished scuba diving friends, Joe and Thura, in the popular scuba resort in Cuba, where they are intrigued by their encounter with some playful mermaids – so why is their guide so concerned about the sighting?…

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