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Review: Bebette by Joseph Barone

★★★★ Bebette by Joseph Barone

Joseph Barone’s existential novel, Bebette, tells the story of Lily, a 12-year-old girl with a rare form of blood cancer, as she grapples with her own mortality. After her family’s move from the allegorically named town of Reverie to the equally metaphorical town of Salvation, Lily develops a relationship with an imaginary friend named Bebette.…

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Review: Taldra: #SciFi Adventures by Duane Simolke

★★★★ Taldra: #SciFi Adventures by Duane Simolke

Taldra: #SciFi Adventures by Duane Simolke is a highly-imaginative sci-fi adventure set in an alternate universe.

Geln, working in Hidden Services on Degranon, is being sent to the planet of Valchondria, which his people had infiltrated 50 years ago. On Valchondria, their people have found a doorway through time that leads back to when the prophet, Zaysha, first gave them The Book of Degranon.…

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Review: Freeing Linhurst by Al Cassidy

★★★★½ Freeing Linhurst by Al Cassidy

Targeted at younger readers, Freeing Linhurst is a thrilling mystery that follows the adventures of Jack Alexander, an intrepid young investigator who is following in his mother’s footsteps – determined to uncover the truth about Linhurst State School and Hospital – an abandoned mental asylum in town.…

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Review: It Is Myself That I Remake by Jaclyn Maria Fowler

★★★★ It is Myself that I Remake

From great heartache comes even greater happiness and fulfillment…such is the message beautifully conveyed in It is Myself That I Remake, a hauntingly evocative love story by Jaclyn Maria Fowler.

Sophie O’Connor is the only child of Kerry O’Connor, an Irish-American high school English teacher, and Maggie O’Connor, an American professor of literature.…

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