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Review: Cat Born to the Purple (Yeshua’s Cats Book 4) by C.L. Francisco

Cat Born to the Purple by C.L. Francisco

★★★★★ Although biblical tales and religious history have been retold many times and in many forms, there are few depictions as unique and insightful as the books written by C.L. Francisco. Cat Born to the Purple is the 4th installment of the series, in which the lives of Jesus of Nazareth, Mary Magdalene, Paul, and other historical/ancient figures are shown ... Read More »

Review: Tomorrow We Die by E.R. Raabe

Tomorrow We Die by E.R. Raabe

★★★★ In this strange and troubling land, all young men are doomed to turn into dogs and die before they can reach the age of thirty. The curse leaves many with no hope for a future, either hoping for something great at a young age, or simply accepting an empty existence. Seventeen-year-old Hippolyte Falcor is one such young man, caught ... Read More »

Review: Explosive Decompression by John L. Sheppard

Explosive Decompression

★★★★ Explosive Decompression by John L. Sheppard is an intense, wry and wonderfully written novel. From the very start of Explosive Decompression, author John Sheppard welcomes readers into a fantastical new world, hundreds of years into the future, and proposes a unique premise – a dystopian Earth that has experienced and persevered past the Great Collapse, a period of nuclear ... Read More »

Review: Always Picked Last by Kevin Kearns

Always Picked Last by Kevin Kearns

★★★★ Most authors write in order to tell a story that is bottled up inside – whether it is fiction or not. In many cases, the story they need to tell is some version of their own life, because they believe that it will be interesting, helpful, or even cathartic – both to readers and themselves. In Always Picked Last, ... Read More »

Review: Corkscrew by Peter Stafford-Bow

Corkscrew by Peter Stafford-Bow

★★★★½ Boasting casual storytelling mastery and the sharp-tongued wit of Tom Robbins, Peter Stafford-Bow presents an incredibly amusing and unpredictable tale in Corkscrew. For wine lovers or those who simply love a great story, this is a mad ramble through the tangled world of wine, taking readers across two continents and countless adventures of one exceptional character, Felix Hart. The ... Read More »

Review: First Kill: An Eli Quinn Mystery by Robert Roy Britt

First Kill: An Eli Quinn Mystery by Robert Roy Britt

★★★★★ Most private eye mysteries have a tendency to fall into common tropes and expected stylization, and there is rarely a reboot within the genre. Robert Roy Britt, the author of First Kill, works against that common grain and has created a believable and likable private eye in Eli Quinn that doesn’t seem like a cliché stepping out of a ... Read More »

Review: The Prouds by Laith Taher

The Prouds by Laith Taher

★★★½ Fantasy literature is in a Renaissance at the moment, and many new authors from around the world are doing their best to tap into this resurgent realm and engage that readership. In The Prouds by Laith Taher, readers are welcomed into a vaguely recognizable world of power struggles and royal conflicts that we see so often in fantasy sagas. ... Read More »

Review: Death of a Temptress (A Dave Slater Mystery Book 1) by P.F. Ford

Death of a Temptress (A Dave Slater Mystery Novel Book 1) by Peter Ford

★★★★ In what could have easily been a gritty crime drama surrounding a rugged detective with a chip on his shoulder, author P.F. Ford instead delivers an amusing and engaging thriller with a buddy-cop feel in Death of a Temptress. The author writes with a savage passion and an attention to detail that keeps the suspense boiling up and the ... Read More »