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Review: Sorcerers’ Dynasty by Stephen Perkins

★★★★★ Sorcerers' Dynasty

Sorcerers’ Dynasty by Stephen Perkins presents a wildly creative take on a world beyond our world, and the reality that has been obscured from mankind for eons. With an intrepid fringe reporter named Dan Sheraton on the case, this eternal secret just might finally see the light of day.…

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Review: Esperanza by Tommy Tutalo

★★★★ Esperanza by Tommy Tutalo

Understanding our identity, or at least tapping into our origins, is something that everyone can understand and relate to on some level. In Esperanza, an unforgettable novel by Tommy Tutalo, readers are welcomed into a strange and dangerous world – one of illegal immigrants, dangerous border crossings, FBI conspiracies, and a sinister criminal underworld that threatens to tear one young family apart.…

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Review: Blowback ’63 by Brian Meehl

★★★★½ Blowback '63 by Brian Meehl

Overlapping timelines in different centuries, epic struggles of self-discovery, and enough fantasy thrills to make your head spin, Blowback ’63 by Brian Meehl is a roller-coaster of a novel, but also a clever and well-planned drama. Following on the heels of Blowback ’07, the first installment of this series, Meehl continues his era-jumping narration and sheds even more light on Arky and Iris, the enigmatic core of these novels.…

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Review: FAKE NEWS by David Hutter

★★★½ FAKE NEWS by David Hutter

FAKE NEWS: Strange Historical Facts Reimagined in the World of Donald Trump is a brilliant piece of satire by David Hutter, a young author with a sharp tongue and a unique perspective on the world at large.

The book makes clear that politics has always made for a strange spectacle, and much of it seems downright unbelievable, even in comparison with today’s political circus.…

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Review: Identity (Salinor the Beginnings Book 2) by Samuel Alexander

★★★★ Identity (Salinor the Beginnings Book 2) by Samuel Alexander

The world of Salinor is one of magic and lies, and as one unravels, so does the other. With the reverberations of the War of Beginning felt in every corner of the world, heroes must rise to meet the new dawn to come…

Identity by Samuel Alexander is the second book of the Salinor the Beginnings trilogy, and follows on successfully from the debut title, Revelations.…

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Review: Water and Air by Neill

★★★★★ Water by Neill

We all wish to have the strength to find our own inner happiness and the peace we require to survive and thrive. However, there are times in life when we need a nudge in the right direction, or a calming whisper in our ear.…

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Review: Wolf River Dreams by Patrick Sarver

★★★★ Wolf River Dreams by Patrick Sarver

Still reeling from the tragic loss of his girlfriend in an accident in which he was driving, Jesse Hawkins has taken to the road, hoping to exorcise his demons while exploring the endless west on his motorcycle. However, every road comes to an end, and when Jesse finally returns home, he finds that the demons are more real than ever.…

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Review: Love Letters by Shaun Locke

★★★½ Love Letters by Shaun M. Locke

In Love Letters by Shaun Locke, the narrator is one of the wordiest protagonists in English literature, and he’s supposed to be. After introducing himself through an archaic tide of words, the narrator’s strange and sordid tale begins.

The narrator’s words continue to stretch the mundane into obscenely long sentences as the story unfolds.…

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