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Review: Just Love Everybody by Greg Ware

★★★★½ Just Love Everybody: Father Time is running out on Mother Nature by Greg Ware

The year is 2031, and while technology has advanced every field of science, there’s still many mysteries to solve and theories to prove. Enter Dr. Jake Love: a renowned obstetrician, a specialist in delivery, childbirth, and natal care. Dr. Love isn’t just lucky in the name department either, as by some kind of happenstance he is granted the chance to spend just one day with anyone in history.…

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Review: I Am Ed by R.A. Akerlund

★★★½ I Am Ed by R A Akerlund

An intensely moving story of loss, survival, and brotherly love.

The prospect of losing a parent is a fearful part of every child’s reality as they grow up, but to lose both parents, as the nuclear family of brothers in this novel did, is something particularly tragic.…

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Review: The Perihelion by D.M. Wozniak

★★★★½ The Perihelion

The Perihelion by D.M. Wozniak is literary, character-driven science fiction at its best. Set in 2069, The Perihelion comprises a world where there are hybrid humans with 1% animal or insect DNA, called 99ers. The novel follows the lives of six different characters in an approaching apocalypse, the Perihelion: “The point in the path of a celestial body that is nearest to the sun,” in which the world is melting down both physically and mentally. …

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Review: The Man in the Blue Fez: A Birth of an Assassin Novel by Rik Stone

★★★★½ The Man in the Blue Fez: A Birth of an Assassin Novel by Rik Stone

In 1973, in the harsh eternal winter of Siberia, Jez Kord silently leaves his wife and comrade Anna behind in what was once a death camp built under Stalin’s rule.

Without a word to anyone else, he treks across the unforgiving plains that span beyond the militarized fences of the complex, determined to prove himself fit for duty; his mission-to-be: destroying the military corruption caused by the drug and flesh operations of local crime lords and the brutal machinations of the mafia.…

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Review: I Punched Myself in the Eye by Pamela Capone

★★★★½ I Punched Myself in the Eye by Pamela Capone

Any readers out there who need a good belly laugh? Pamela Capone’s latest work I Punched Myself in the Eye is just the tonic for any reader looking for a fun book to pick up. This is a sparky collection of sketches drawn from everyday life: by turns hilarious, familiar, heart-warming and heart-rending.…

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Review: Happy Chasing Happy by Jerome Jay Isip

★★★★½ Happy Chasing Happy by Jerome Jay Isip

A vicious piece of prose – unique and powerful.

At the outset of this brutal and honestly painful story, the name of this book may seem misleading, to say the least. But the further along into the novel you dig, the title begins to make more sense.…

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