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Review: Detour Paris by Jack Dancer ★★★★★

Detour Paris by Jack DancerDetour Paris, by Jack Dancer, is a laugh-out-loud romance with a dollop of intrigue.

When Tucker Blue meets Monica Reyes there’s a spark. Tucker has recently reentered the dating world and he’s discovering that the life of a mid-life bachelor is equally exciting and complicated.…

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Review: A Season of Transitions by R.M. Gibson ★★★★

seasonof transitionSet in New York during the late 60s, A Season of Transitions by R.M. Gibson follows single father, Cam Gordon through his career and parenting episodes while maintaining a full dating life.

This book is presented to the reader with a fairly clinical analysis with a prologue in the form of a letter from the author to the reader mentioning “women’s lib” (in quotation marks as if it was but a fancy) and voting for “blacks”, setting the tone for the rest of the book: a pretty sterile, white, male perspective of the social aspects of 1960s and 70s America.…

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Review: Insane-O-Tron by Nick Alverson

★★★★½ Insane-O-Tron by Nick Alverson

Insane-O-Tron by Nick Alverson is a collection of stories that lives up to its title: Insane. Here we find a universe where the most absurd television show imaginable becomes a number one hit (in which a man has affections for a bed of mashed potatoes), the most sterling haircut in history becomes sentient and leads an Indiana Jones-style treasure hunt, an earwig named Ernie, and other wildly ridiculous tales.…

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