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Review: Forty Bibles and Forty Dictionaries by Hae-Lyun Kang

Forty Bibles and Forty Dictionaries by Hae-Lyun KangForty Bibles and Forty Dictionaries is an autobiographical account of the lives of author Hae-Lyun Kang and her family: Korean, Catholic and middle-class, living in Sydney, from 1970 to the present. With an obsessive mother, a hard-pressing father, unusually-humored sisters, and a brother who fired two shots at Charles, Prince of Wales in January of 1994, Kang describes from her own perspective how she and her brother both grew into becoming who they are, and what may have lead her brother to the infamous circumstances in Sydney.…

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Review: The Stranger Box by Pamela Cuming

the stranger boxThe Stranger Box, by Pamela Cuming, is a psychological thriller that is both shocking and entertaining. More importantly, it will keep readers turning the pages.

Eden is adopted by Carolyn and Robert Dengler. Their daughter, Samantha, loves to remind Eden that she’s adopted.…

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Review: Dublin In The Rain by Andrew Critchley

Dublin In The RainDublin In The Rain weaves themes of love, redemption and devastation as those connected to a fatal accident in Dublin in 1947 are thrown together with sadness and romance, in this, the first book of a series by Andrew Critchley.

When Jonathan arrives in Dublin, he’s anxious and solemn due to traumatizing events that have left him empty.…

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SPR Awards 2015 Open For Submissions From Indie Authors Now!

2015 SPR AWARDSSelf-Publishing Review, the premier site dedicated to indie book reviews today launches its yearly competition to find the best fiction, non-fiction and short e-book written by a self-published or indie author.

This year in the SPR Awards, authors win a Kindle or iPad

This year the competition has added a Grand Prize, with the lucky recipient garnering either a Fire HDX Kindle or an iPad Mini, meaning one overall winner will take home prizes worth over $600.…

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Review: Alliance.125: Hirunda by Raita Jauhiainen

hirundaAlliance.125: Hirunda is the first in Raita Jauhiainen ambitious science fiction series about a post-war dystopia called Gavialis. The city is broken up into seven circles, the first being the least prestigious, the seventh is the most. It is forbidden for people from the lower-caste circles to travel to the higher echelons of society.…

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Review: Gated by Matt Drabble

GatedGated by Matt Drabble is a classic horror yarn inspired by such creepy tales as Stepford Wives and The Wicker Man. Set in a paradise of a gated community called Eden situated somewhere in the middle of nowhere on the East Coast, Emily and her husband Michael, a horror novel writer of some note, move from the UK to start again when a freak car accident kills their unborn baby.…

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Review: The Arrival by Dakota Kemp

The Arrival by Dakota KempThe Arrival (Ascension Book 1) is a fantasy epic by Dakota Kemp, and is the winner of the Full Moon Awards 2014 Fantasy Prize.

The book tells the story of several figures in the world of Vrold, where war has begun to tear its peoples apart when brutal attacks spring out and turn up tensions and open old wounds between city-states.…

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Review: Choices by Staffan R.B. Nordqvist

ChoicesThere is a trend in self-publishing for the “selfie” book, a written version of the frequently-seen Instagram snap that appears online so often. Choices: A Physician’s Journey On Two Continents by Staffan R.B. Nordqvist is such a book:  a memoir of a Swedish doctor who emigrates to the USA.…

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