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New Review Package Launched With BlueInk and SPR

New Review Package Launched - BlueInk and SPR
New Review Package Launched – BlueInk and SPR

Two Reviews Are Better Than One!

BlueInk and Self-Publishing Review are proud to announce a new review package

“One review is great. Two reviews are better. When it comes to establishing your book’s credibility, the more positive reviews you garner, the easier it is to attract readers.”

To that end, we have just forged a partnership with our friends at BlueInk to offer two reviews, one from BlueInk and one from SPR — all for one greatly discounted price of $595.

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Review: Travels With My Hat by Christine Osborne

Review Travels With My HatSPR Awards Non-Fiction Winner “Travels With My Hat” reviewed by SPR editor Cate Baum.

Christine Osborne is a travel photographer who has dedicated her entire life to capturing on film what it is to live on Planet Earth. Tracing a line through the Middle East and Africa, into countries that might be thought of by most to be “scary” destinations for a slim, blonde woman, Christine jumped in feet first with her Australian roots to help her along,  in her trusty blue hat and a camera her constant companion.…

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Review: From Blood Reborn by Keith Soares

from blood reborn reviewFrom Blood Reborn is the third part of the Oasis of Filth series by Keith Soares, following the unlikely hero of the nameless doctor in his continuing journey across the formerly United States of America. Years after the human race’s fall from grace with the outbreak of “RL2013” – a mysterious disease that causes a slow and maddening death to anyone who is infected, with no known cure – governments move their people more and more into sterile, utilitarian walled settlements where anything but absolute cleanliness and obedience is enforced with strict justice and regular “disappearances” of accused plague victims.…

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Review: The Last Falcon by Colleen Ruttan

The Last FalconWarning: Do not start reading this book until you’ve cleared your schedule. Take the dog out, make lots of tea, and have snacks available. Once you start, you won’t want to stop reading.

At the age of fourteen, Erynn Taylor witnesses her father’s murder.…

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Best WordPress Themes for Writers & Publishers


(List updated 11-2015)

Setting up an author website is pretty much a given for all self-publishers. Given that blogging is also an important facet of author promotion, it can be easier to use a blogging platform for the overall website. It’s very possible to make a blogging template function as a commercial website.…

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