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Review: The Underground by Roxanne Bland


The Underground
by Roxanne Bland is an original urban fantasy that pits supernatural creatures – or zots – against the larger, more paranoid, human population. In the uneasy peace that blankets Seattle, a werewolf alpha, a mage, and a master vampire fight each other and the outside world as they try to balance responsibilities and power structures.…

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Review: A Killer’s Grace by Ronald Chapman

★★★★½ A Killer's Grace by Ronald Chapman

Many people seek out books as a form of escape – a chance to leave the world behind and live in another person’s thoughts for a time. In A Killer’s Grace, author Ronald Chapman introduces readers to a life they probably don’t understand, but the difficult, probing and personal questions raised throughout this book don’t leave readers much room to escape.…

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Review: Back Side of a Hurricane by Robert Schwab

★★★★ Back Side of a Hurricane

Tucker Nash’s life is about to be hit by a hurricane. As an actual hurricane heads towards South Carolina, Tucker learns that his wife is suffering from a crippling depression that could upend his marriage. When they go to couple’s therapy it unearths more than issues with their marriage.…

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Review: The Digital Rabbit Hole by Larry Kilham

★★★★ The Digital Rabbit Hole by Larry Kilham

In the digital age, we might not know everything, but we generally feel sure we can easily find all the information we need. In The Digital Rabbit Hole, Larry Kilham, experienced businessman and author, suggests that our choice to constantly seek answers in cyberspace may be our worst obstacle to true knowledge and wisdom.…

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Review: Love Yourself Love Your Life by A.P. Filosa, Psy.D.

★★★★ Love Yourself Love Your Life by A. P. Filosa

Dr. A.P. Filosa is a licensed clinical psychologist based privately in Virginia, using and refining her techniques in the day-to-day operation of her therapeutic practice. She brings over 25 years of clinical experience to the table and incorporates every part of this into the composition of her book, Love Yourself Love Your Life, which aims to bring a revolutionary method of self-help to readers called “shattered analysis.”

Many of the core tenets of Filosa’s doctrine stem from longstanding traditional beliefs and practices in psychological health, to the degree that various claims and general references to scientific findings are rarely necessary.…

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Review: Deadly Trespass by Sandra Neily

★★★★★ Deadly Trespass Cover

When Cassandra Patton Conover, a lone nature writer and conservationist, takes to the Maine wilds with her dog Pock into private grounds for good fishing, she discovers the body of her friend crushed under a tree. Confused by the circumstances of her friend’s death, she must now risk everything she cares about to uncover the mystery behind her untimely death in Deadly Trespass by Sandra Neily.…

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Review: Intrinsic by Jerry Collins

★★★★ Intrinsic

Jatara is a powerful and of course, beautiful and magical Kali-like goddess who can destroy men and cities in a moment. Her war of terror spans Ancient Greece, Egypt and the slaves of the Pyramids where her humble beginnings are revealed, to modern-day New York, with her dark magician son Kragon taking on the power of the nastiest demons to conquer all men, despite having a mortal, pregnant girlfriend.…

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