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Carpenter’s Bluff by James Sanders

Carpenter's Bluff by James SandersOur adult lives are largely influenced by the uncharted events of our youth and nowhere is this more evident than in Carpenter’s Bluff, James Sanders’ moving literary tale of youthful indiscretions and dark secrets.

Henry “Hank” Anawatty is a young attorney with problems in his life, the most pressing being that the woman he’s been seeing has disappeared.…

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The Spy Who Hated Me! (A James Spillaney Casefile) by Shaun Chapman

!: A James Spillaney Casefile The Spy Who Hated Me! by Shaun Chapman is a rip-roaring race through a shadowy noir world of dames and danger, with a healthy dose of technological surrealism that gives this world a slightly unpredictable edge.

James Spillaney epitomizes the stereotype of private detectives, and the novel is an immersive and enjoyable dive into this dramatic style.…

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Shed Your Chaos by Glenn C. Stewart

Shed Your Chaos by Glenn C. StewartIn Shed Your Chaos, author Glenn C. Stewart observes that many people are deficient in basic life skills, and believes that helping others as a Christian means imparting skills to reorganize – whether they are in a chaos of disorderliness or a pattern of high structure arrayed around the wrong priorities.…

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Punching Babies (A How-To Guide) by Adron J. Smitley

Provocatively titled, Punching Babies (A How-To Guide) by Adron J. SmitleyPunching Babies (a how-to guide) by Adron J. Smitley is a writer’s reference book that breaks down story structure creation in easy to understand parts and brings clarity to the story structuring process. With a no-nonsense way of explaining some complex concepts, Smitley walks the reader through the essential components of a literary work with real-world explanations and examples.…

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A Select Group by Blaine C. Readler

A Select Group by Blaine C. ReadlerCaleb signs up for a university study because, frankly, he has nothing better to do. He’s lost his girlfriend, lost his drive, and getting free room and board on top of a weekly stipend doesn’t sound too bad. When things start getting weird at orientation, he rolls with it.…

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Sorcerers’ Dynasty by Stephen Perkins

Sorcerers' Dynasty

Sorcerers’ Dynasty by Stephen Perkins presents a wildly creative take on the world behind our own, and the reality that has been obscured from mankind for eons. With an intrepid fringe reporter named Dan Sheraton on the case, this eternal secret just might finally see the light of day.…

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