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Blood Will Tell by C.S. Donnell

Blood Will Tell

This high-drama saga follows Amy throughout her life with all the events that her relationships bring. Difficult to pinpoint as one genre in particular, Blood Will Tell can be described as a New Adult drama that spirals into a thriller with some medical elements and horror thrown in to thrill readers who enjoy stories with a hint of romance and ... Read More »

Finding Amelia by Lynsey Howell, Illustrated by Vitaliia Kalmutska


Finding Amelia by Lynsey Howell is a charming story for young children about Sara and her dog Zulu who excitedly visit an air show. Given the opportunity to fly in a bi-plane, Sara takes control of the plane and straight into a time portal cloud, where she’s soon joined by Amelia Earhart in the cockpit. There we learn about Amelia ... Read More »

The Emperor Returns by William Durkin and Shayne Durkin


In 2014, a ten-year-old girl asked her father if he could assist her in writing a book. That book was Emperor Norton’s Treasure Hunt, a “real life adventure” based in 1950s San Francisco – a local paper devises a treasure hunt with clues in their publication in order to boost sales and win the war for newspaper supremacy in the ... Read More »

Kleptomaniac: Who’s Really Robbing God Anyway? by Frank Chase Jr.


Kleptomaniac is an insightful and well-constructed argument on tithing and offerings at church, not only defending the author’s decision not to give money blindly, but also defending his right to seek the truth in Bible Scripture. Everything that the author Frank Chase Jr. says is backed up in some way with huge amounts of research, resulting in a comprehensive and ... Read More »

Titan by Michael Van Cleve


Titan by Michael Van Cleve is more than your usual post-apocalyptic novel. Though the blurb makes it seem like standard fare of surviving a nuclear holocaust and its after-effects, Titan veers more into science fiction than naturalistic post-apocalyptic wasteland, as the family at the heart of this novel has to fare a rise of a mutant population – the after-effects ... Read More »

Deeper Colors by C.S. Donnell

Deeper Colors by C.S. Donnell

When Gina Martin’s mentor passes away, his dying wish is that she go to Paris and view the works of master painters, as inspiration for her own art. At the Louvre, Gina is captivated by a painting from the late 18th century, and she catches the eye of Jerome Dumont, a gallery owner from provincial Perigueux who collects that artist’s ... Read More »

Panacea by Brad Murray

Panacea by Brad Murray

Jimmy Porter is nothing special. At least, he never thought so, and neither did most anyone in his life. His dad dropped out of his life at the age of eight, and at 21 he hasn’t got much to write home about outside of a decent vehicle and a few good friends. But Jimmy is about to find out just ... Read More »