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Son of Syria by Ben Schafer

Review: Son of Syria by Ben Schafer

With the premise of a super-secret spy infiltrating dangerous lands to carry out impossible missions, Son of Syria by Ben Schafer is instantly appealing, but the power of the narrative and the timely, heart-wrenching story is what makes this book unforgettable.…

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Phobos Rising (Ephialtes Trilogy Book 2) by Gavin E. Parker

Phobos Rising (Ephialtes Trilogy Book 2)

Two centuries in the future, following Earth’s first attack on its Martian colony, both planets are struggling to maintain peace and find a way forward in the vast space between them. This is the foundation on which Phobos Rising is built, the second installation of the Ephialtes trilogy by Gavin E.…

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Frozen Statues, Perdition Games by L.E. Fraser

Frozen Statues Perdition Games by L.E. FraserPsychological thrillers are supposed to be compelling but the really good ones, like Frozen Statues, Perdition Games by L.E. Fraser, will really throw the reader for a loop.

University freshman have begun disappearing without a trace and soon one of them turns up dead, a frozen statue with his eyes gouged out and replaced with black stones.…

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Being the Best You! by Fayth Thomas

Being the Best You! by Fayth Thomas Being the Best You! by Fayth Thomas is a charming and informative children’s book about caring for people and finding out what you want to be when you grow up. Darwin is given an assignment at school to see what job he might want to do when he’s an adult.…

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The Dragon King (The Alaris Chronicles Book 3) by Mike Shelton

The Dragon King (The Alaris Chronicles Book 3) The Dragon King by Mike Shelton is the exciting conclusion to The Alaris Chronicles series, a strong fantasy series with a heavy emphasis on dragons and sorcery. In this third installment, the evil Wizard Kanzar may have been vanquished, but Bakari, now the Dragon King, Battlemaster Alli, and High Wizard Roland must confront a new source of dark magic so that good can finally triumph over evil, if the evil doesn’t take them over first.…

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39 Drawings by Jason Innocent

39 Drawings by Jason Innocent39 Drawings is a collection of early artwork by famed graffiti artist Jason Innocent. The artist has made his name with sketchbook-style drawings throughout the streets of New York City, and these thirty-nine drawings collect ideas and images he’s known for in one place.…

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Devils by Erik Henry Vick

Devils by Erik Henry VickDevils by Erik Henry Vick is a horror collection of deliciously disturbing and unsettling tales about many varieties of devil: revenge fantasies, kidnapping, murderous salesmen, and more. The collection is brilliantly composed through slow, creeping exposition and enough shuddering moments to keep readers awake at night.…

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An Obliquity (The Perihelion Book 2) by D.M. Wozniak

An Obliquity (The Perihelion Book 2) An Obliquity by D.M. Wozniak is the electrifying follow-up to The Perihelion, one of the more innovative literary dystopian sci-fi novels you’ll ever read.

In the first book, the world of 2069 is on the edge of the Perihelion, a phenomenon where the planet is closest to the sun.…

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