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New Releases – Self-Published Books

Memories Left by the Roadside by Paul Leestma

Memories Left by the Roadside by Paul LeestmaIn his second book of verse, poet Paul Leestma vows to go beyond his own experience, creating a new view of larger concepts of love and destiny. In this emotionally charged collection, the author delves into the mystical quality of memory and explores it in depth.…

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Let’s Go Dancing in the Light by Gloria D. Gonsalves

Let’s Go Dancing in the Light by Gloria D. GonsalvesA poetess and storyteller, including children’s fiction, Gloria D. Gonsalves will touch hearts and minds with her evocative short compositions in Let’s Go Dancing in the Light: A Collection of Poetry and Prose for Soul and Spirit.

Admitting a leaning towards Christianity, Gonsalves embraces other faiths in this uplifting and well-rounded work.…

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Moondance by Linda K. Hopkins

Moondance by Linda K. HopkinsWorkplace romance is never easy, but when the apple of your eye turns into a panther, the usual office drama pales in comparison. In Moondance, a paranormal romance by Linda K. Hopkins, the author takes a very literal approach to the idea of romance as a dance between predator and prey.…

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A Burning in the Darkness by A P McGrath

A Burning in the Darkness by A P McGrath A Burning in the Darkness by A P McGrath is a compelling thriller about the dynamic Father Michael Kieh, who hears people’s confessions at a busy English airport, including the confession of a murderer. When a murder happens at the airport, and Kieh recognizes one of the victims, accusations fly his way, and he must prove his innocence, as well as reconcile his dark past.…

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Open Your Heart by Ruth Cherry, PhD

Open Your Heart (Books for Transformation Book 3)Open Your Heart by Ruth Cherry is an uplifting work of fiction about embracing one’s life and purpose. Anne, a middle-aged psychotherapist, feels restless and unfulfilled. Desperate, she voices a prayer for help, and a spirit guide named Hannah, in the guise of a crusty crone, appears to help.…

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Mock My Words by Chandra Shekhar

Mock My Words by Chandra ShekharPoor David Tan. Things have not gone well for the harried protagonist of Chandra Shekhar’s novel Mock My Words. His position at Steinbeck University, one he thought of as a dream job, leaves him unfulfilled and struggling to connect with students who don’t take him seriously due to his accented English.…

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Akeldama by RD Meyer

Akeldama by RD MeyerTurf wars and unlikely alliances are hardly novel concepts in fiction, but add gangs of vampires and a 2,000-year-old conspiracy to the mix and you’ve got yourself a well thought-out tale in Akeldama that goes far beyond your typical vampire fare.…

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