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The Hook Files by Charles Deran Wright

The Hook Files by Charles Wright

Not all families are created equal, and in The Hook Files by Charles Deran Wright, readers meet one of the strangest families  imaginable. Skylark, previously known as Kennings, has had his entire life directed towards being a spy – carrying on the family business as a covert operative for the shadowy “Company.” However, when his old friendships end up tangled in his new secrets, things get complicated quickly.…

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To Be Had by Sava Buncic

To Be Had by Sava Buncic

In a world where it feels as though money rules all, it can be difficult not to lose your way in pursuit of the Almighty Dollar. In To Be Had by Sava Buncic, readers are introduced to Boris, a man with a fierce work ethic and the dream of delivering a better life for his daughter than he experienced.…

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The Story of Evil – Volume I: Heroes of the Siege by Tony Johnson

The Story of Evil - Volume I: Heroes of the Siege

In the tradition of classic fantasy, the first volume of The Story of Evil by Tony Johnson is a remarkably creative and engaging novel that introduces readers to a new world of magical creatures, noble heroes, and sinister monsters.

When the capital of the kingdom, Celestial, is attacked by savage monsters in the midst of a jousting tournament, the balance of good and evil takes a shift towards darkness.…

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The Manor by Sally Ferla

The Manor by Sally FerlaThe Manor is a work of BDSM erotica by Sally Ferla that exposes readers to the complex mistress/slave discipline.

Jennifer and her mistress, a wealthy businesswoman, have committed to living the mistress/slave lifestyle, which has suffered lately due to Jennifer’s willful disobedience.…

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The Waste-Wise Kitchen Companion by Jean B. MacLeod

The Waste-Wise Kitchen Companion by Jean B. MacLeodThe Waste-Wise Kitchen Companion: Hundreds of Practical Tips for Repairing, Reusing, and Repurposing Food by Jean MacLeod’s is a highly useful food-recycling encyclopedia that should be in everyone’s kitchen library.

An “enthusiastic and curious (and thrifty) cook,” writer Jean MacLeod has created a compendium of tips on how to save, rescue, and “repair” common and not-so-common edibles, in alphabetical format – from almond paste to zucchini.…

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Tides by Philip J. Moss

Tides by Philip J. MossSam Tinker lives in a small town at the edge of the ocean, teetering on the cusp of change. The world isn’t the same as it was thirty or fifty years back. Fishermen and lobstermen have to work harder to keep financially afloat, and environmental changes foreshadow an even grimmer future.…

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Plagued: Book One: The Girl Who Chased The Shadows by Garrison Scott

Plagued: Book 1: The Girl Who Chased The Shadows

In Plagued: The Girl Who Chased the Shadows, by Garrison Scott, readers are introduced to a world that has been irrevocably changed by an alien asteroid that destroyed all semblance of normalcy on Earth. More interestingly is the main character, Skyler, who is infected with an alien pathogen moments before the asteroid makes its deadly impact.…

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Lower World by Eloise Harmann

Lower World by Eloise HarmannFor fans of science-fiction fantasy, author Eloise Harmann delivers a list of classic touches that include a hugely diverse cast of characters, quotes by Neil deGrasse Tyson, and a weighty page-count, in this unusual underwater saga.

In Lower World, author Harmann writes a corporate tech-political murder-mystery that sees an underwater community, the tetrapeds, threatened by a landlubbing world.…

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