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New Releases – Self-Published Books

Titan by Michael Van Cleve

Titan by Michael Van CleveTitan by Michael Van Cleve is more than your usual post-apocalyptic novel. Though the blurb makes it seem like standard fare of surviving a nuclear holocaust and its after-effects, Titan veers more into science fiction than naturalistic post-apocalyptic wasteland, as the family at the heart of this novel has to fare a rise of a mutant population – the after-effects of radiation.…

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Deeper Colors by C.S. Donnell

Deeper Colors by C.S. DonnellWhen Gina Martin’s mentor passes away, his dying wish is that she go to Paris and view the works of master painters, as inspiration for her own art. At the Louvre, Gina is captivated by a painting from the late 18th century, and she catches the eye of Jerome Dumont, a gallery owner from provincial Perigueux who collects that artist’s work.…

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Panacea by Brad Murray

Panacea by Brad Murray Jimmy Porter is nothing special. At least, he never thought so, and neither did most anyone in his life. His dad dropped out of his life at the age of eight, and at 21 he hasn’t got much to write home about outside of a decent vehicle and a few good friends.…

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Drone: An Eli Quinn Detective Novella by Robert Roy Britt

Drone: An Eli Quinn Detective Novella by Robert Roy BrittMan will always twist technology to devious intent; that much is obvious. When drone technology is involved in the assassination attempt of an Arizona politician, few are so qualified to deal with the crime as one Eli Quinn.

In his second published adventure of the series, private investigator Eli Quinn is once again on the case, roped in after friend and lawman Jack Beachum passes on suspicions about the investigating sheriff.…

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Blood and Fire (Bloodthorn Series Book Two) by Adam Collins

Blood and FireBlood and Fire is the second book in the Bloodthorn Series, the medieval fantasy series by Adam Collins.  The plot introduced in this trilogy is traditional fantasy fare, unmistakable in its genre roots as much for its sprawling world as its colorful characters, which includes dwarves, wizards, princesses, faerie folk, demonic villains, and monsters galore. …

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