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New Releases – Self-Published Books

Nuclear Heat (The Firework Girls Book 4) by J.L. White

Nuclear Heat (Firework Girls Book 4) by J.L. WhiteThey’re the Firework Girls — a group of beautiful, fiery, sometimes explosive women. Sam is the last one of the last of her friends without a man. It’s not a bad deal. There’s a lot more going on in her life than men, and to tell the truth, she’s never had a problem getting some when she feels like it.…

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Songs of Seraphina by Jude Houghton

Songs of Seraphina by Jude HoughtonIn this unique, engaging novel, three teenage sisters move from America to the English countryside to stay with their eccentric grandparents after the mysterious disappearance of their mother. Through a series of strange and magical events, Charlemagne, Cairo, and Penny Agonistes discover that their grandparents and the other local residents are time travelers from a lost age and civilization.…

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Autonomy by Jude Houghton

Autonomy by Jude HoughtonIt’s the year 2035, a decade after a series of cataclysmic environmental events led to the breakdown of society and its resurrection by a global corporate/political force called “The Autonomy.” The Autonomy’s elite upper class rule with an iron fist, keeping the masses starving and working 14 hour factory shifts until their bodies become deformed.…

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Still Dreaming: Poetry and Short Stories by Ellie Rose McKee

Still Dreaming by Ellie Rose McKeeIn her latest collection, Still Dreaming, Ellie Rose McKee weaves together poetry and prose to consider themes of loss and longing, dreams, and family secrets. One story concerns a coffeehouse with a mysterious regular customer, while two different stories deal with young women in distress, one on the verge of losing her sight, another considering ending her life after suffering a traumatic event.…

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Soldier of Fortune (Book 1 of the Fortune Chronicles) by Kathleen McClure

Soldier of Fortune by Kathleen McClureGideon Quinn is a man with many enemies, and he’s not afraid of making a few more in pursuit of his goals. Wrongly convicted of treason and sentenced to an often-short life of hard labor, an uncommon deal is struck that grants Gideon one last chance to clear his name, or at least get back at the ones who sent him to his death.…

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Fishing In Valhalla by Rodney Lynch

Fishing In Valhalla by Rodney Lynch Fishing In Valhalla by Rodney Lynch is a comic novel about a nowhere town in Minnesota, centering on Reno who works for a former male pornstar, Ramrod McKenzie. Over a hot, 90’s summer, the convenience store run by Ramrod is robbed, throwing Reno’s life into disarray.…

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When Are You Leaving by Melissa Powell Gay

When Are You Leaving by Melissa Powell GayWhen Are You Leaving by Melissa Powell Gay is a twisted mystery of hometown and heartbreak.

Reeling from missing out on the job of a lifetime, Iris Lee takes an unexpected step in her career – going back home. With a father who can’t remember her birthday and a mother struggling to remember her own name, Iris had been well on her way to leaving the past behind her, but she is unexpectedly pulled back into the swirling, nostalgic mess of Mt.…

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Items May Have Shifted by NJS Kaye

Items May Have Shifted by NJS KayeIn Items May Have Shifted: How to Travel With Your Baby or Toddler, journalist NJS Kaye presents a “guerrilla guide” to traveling with young children based on copious experience and scholarly research.

Having taken her twin boys on 21 flights before their first birthday, Kaye provides the ins and outs of getting through security, boarding a plan quickly and efficiently, and changing a baby in an airplane restroom.…

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