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New Releases – Self-Published Books

The Widows Guild by Anna Castle

The Widows Guild by Anna CastleThe Widows Guild by Anna Castle is an engrossing historical mystery with an intriguing and dynamic protagonist: the one and only Francis Bacon – philosopher, scientist, statesman, and possible author of Shakespeare’s plays.

Part 3 of the Francis Bacon Mysteries is set in London in 1588: under threat by a Spanish Armada, a killer is using the unrest as cover to murder Catholics.…

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Hope by Taryn Feldmann

Hope by Taryn FeldmannHope by Taryn Feldmann is a novel about abuse and recovery. Emily and Sarah have had a horrible upbringing due to their abusive father. Emily moves to New York with dreams of being an actor, while Sarah succumbs to drug addiction.…

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Rise from Darkness: Paths Out of Depression Toward Happiness by Kristian Hall

Rise from Darkness by Kristian HallRise from Darkness: How to Overcome Depression through Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and Positive Psychology: Paths Out of Depression Toward Happiness is Kristian Hall’s comprehensive guide to overcoming depression. Combining personal history, a guide for both sufferers and friends/family members, and step by step instructions about how to lift yourself or others from the scourge of depression, the book covers depression from every conceivable angle with great erudition and empathy.…

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The Web Across the Water by M.J. Heywood

The Web Across the Water by M.J. HeywoodThe Web Across the Water by M.J. Heywood is a thriller about an internet relationship gone awry. Lily Moore meets Bradley Jefferies in a chat room. She’s not seeking love, she’s seeking to swindle wealthy people out of their money. She’s got a system for finding heirs to fortunes.…

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Imperia by Jason Hatcher

Imperia by Jason HatcherImperia by Jason Hatcher is an epic fantasy about Fei Sei, the Red Empress, the ruler of an empire split in two. She has many enemies – Bamboo, a murderous concubine, as well as the Emperor, who are colluding with each other – and she’s been trapped behind enemy lines for decades.…

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I Am Not Dumb and I Am Not a Stinky Butt! by Joyce Knock

I Am Not Dumb and I Am Not a Stinky Butt! by Joyce KnockI Am Not Dumb and I Am Not a Stinky Butt! by Joyce Knock is a spirited children’s story about one boy who’s taken a bit too much from a particular bully. A boy is teased by the class bully, Freddy, when he answers a question wrong in class (Freddy calls him “stupid”) and then when he falls down on the playground (he’s called “crybaby”), and then he’s called the name in the title.…

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Second Chances by Lincoln Cole

Second Chances by Lincoln ColeSecond Chances by Lincoln Cole is a novel about big issues: racial discrimination and injustice, alcoholism, spousal abuse, and struggling to survive when society is stacked against you. The novel begins with Lakeisha who is facing virulent racism at an elementary school.…

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