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New Releases – Self-Published Books

The Gertrude Threshold by Christopher Brooks

TheGertrudeThresholdThe Gertrude Threshold by Christopher Brooks is a moving and harrowing work of apocalyptic fiction that asks the question: what would you do if it was the last day on Earth? The Gertrude Threshold refers to a mathematical calculation that precisely determines the last day humans can survive after Global Warming.…

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Status Quo by Henry Mosquera

statusquoLemat is living every writer’s nightmare: the starving artist, unknown and unheralded. He hits such rock bottom that he attempts suicide, splits up with a girlfriend and gets fired from his job. He then meets Guy, a talent agent who urges him to write something lurid and incendiary, which is more like doing a deal with the devil.…

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Workman’s Complication by Rich Leder

Workman's ComplicationWorkman’s Complication by Rich Leder is the uproariously funny and engaging debut novel in the McCall & Company series. Off-Broadway actress, Kate McCall, reluctantly inherits her father’s private investigator business. Her first case is investigating a construction accident, which may or may not be a scam.…

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The Button Chronicles by Juniko Moody

Button ChroniclesThe Button Chronicles by Juniko Moody is the highly inventive dystopian novel about the very nature of human evolution. Replete with its own inventive language, The Button Chronicles is about a dark 22nd century where mysterious buttons appear from out of nowhere.…

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House Divided by Peter G Pollack

HouseDividedPeter G Pollack’s new international political thriller centers around Courtney, a student who decides to join the Students for Palestinian Justice (SPJ) group on her university campus, and her retired CIA father Leonard’s reaction to her decision. But when Courtney becomes a target for a planned bombing assignment hitting Jewish organizations, it’s up to Leonard and her mother Allison to try and save her before it’s too late.…

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The Fox and the Firefly by Riley Maylon

The Fox and the FireflyHaving been injured by an IED, distorting half his body and face, Mason Harris is resigned to living the rest of his life alone. Rejected by his girlfriend after she sees his disfigurement, Harris instead decides to pour himself into his job as an undercover FBI agent.…

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Billy the Bully by Lacretia Palmer

Billy the Bully by Lacretia PalmerBilly the Bully is a short informational picture book for younger children by Lacretia Palmer, and illustrated by Romney Vasquez, centering on the issue of bullying and its effect on children’s nutrition.

Billy the Bully takes an honest and interesting stance on the topic of bullying, where the main character Billy is shown as just a regular kid whose bad habits change when he sees his brother affected by the very same behavior he had been inflicting at lunch-time.…

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Eternity Shattered by Gideon L. Thomas

Eternity ShatteredEternity Shattered is the debut novel of author Gideon L. Thomas.  It is a science fiction/action/military adventure that takes place in a galaxy populated by anthropomorphic animals.  The plot follows the desperate adventures of the elite Seraph Corps, a black ops unit made up of the most skilled pilots in the galaxy.…

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