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Giyur: A True Love Story by Michael Salita

Giyur A True Love Story by Michael SalitaGiyur: A True Love Story by Michael Salita is, as the title implies, an alleged entirely-true love story as documented and retold by Salita, originating from a Caribbean cruise.

Volodya, a native Odessian, comes across a beautiful woman on a cruise, who he talks candidly about to a nearby acquaintance in his native tongue.…

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SPR Book – Digital Book Editing by Cate Baum: Free Download!

digitalbookeditingWhen I started writing about book editing I never thought my posts would be so viral. I quickly realized why. Nobody was talking about the stage of self-publishing between finishing your Word manuscript and uploading it to an e-book conversion system such as the auto-conversion at Createspace or Smashwords.…

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Portfolio Take-off: Stock Market Theory by Feliciano Bantilan

Portfolio Take-off“The secret is out! Investing in the stock market is like piloting a plane. Portfolio will take-off after taxi-time on the runway for about 15 years. Once airborne, it will continue to climb into the zone of unlimited growth. We do not hear anything about this in the press.…

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Lies, Lies and More Lies by Vivek

vivekIn Lies, Lies and More Lies, author Vivek sets out to prove that Hindutva is an ideology that doesn’t equate to Hindu fundamentalism. He states in the preface that he is frequently asked: “Does a billion-strong community really need protection?” He says yes they do, and his essays demonstrate why the author believes Hindus need protection, and how Hindutva “remains the sole bulwark against the spreading Islamic fundamentalism in South Asia.” Furthermore, according to the author, the English-language media has an agenda to vilify Hindutva.…

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Ettie Explores Earth by Lynn Holland

Ettie Explores EarthEttie Explores Earth: An Ettie the Explorer Adventure Story is a sweet and fun children’s book written and designed by Lynn Holland. In vivid and brightly-colored pictures, Ettie, a smiling alien in a UFO from Green Cheeze, learns about the solar system and the Earth.…

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The Elder’s Circle by Jessica Schaub

the elderscirclePicking up right where Gateways, Book I of The Elemental Chronicles left off, Victoria believes that she’ll be home tomorrow. After all, she defeated Ona, the mage who killed her father, and essentially saved the world. Or did she?

The Elder’s Circle is the second book in the series by Christian fantasy author Jessica Schaub.…

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