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New Releases – Self-Published Books

The Representative by Thomas H. Cullen

therepresentativeThe Representative by Thomas H. Cullen is a completely unique approach to writing a book, often with less that two sentences per page with many spaces and blank pages between, with an empty black cover. The writing follows a prose-like form, and speaks of a father and daughter, Mariel and Croyan and their relationship, which is enveloping the latter’s current three-Trokan crisis.…

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When Elves Die By Richard Poche

when elves dieWhen Elves Die is a dark fantasy tale and the debut novel of author Richard Poche.

This is a story of gritty, gratuitous violence and traditional fantasy good versus evil, with beleaguered elves struggling to repel the malevolent onslaught of the Dark Queen and her horrifying minions. …

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The Hangman By Dee Rose

the hangmanThe Hangman is a horror fiction adventure novel by U.S. writer Dee Rose.

Kente Cromwell is murdered for committing adultery with a neighbor’s wife and as a result, given demonic powers, freeing himself of Purgatory in order to return to Earth and seek avengement for his death. …

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Home Again by Michael Kenneth Smith

Home AgainThe hellish vista of war for two young Americans is the backdrop for Smith’s debut, “Home Again.”

A fascinating and well-researched historical account tracks the endless death and fear endured in the Civil War as two men, previously fishing buddies Zach and Luke, enlist to fight for their cause, on opposite sides of the line.…

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Goddess by Dakota Kemp

Goddess by Dakota KempGoddess by Dakota Kemp is part one of The Shrike Chronicles, introducing the colorful character of Samuel Shrike, a mercenary, lover of dive bars as well as a good fight. When space pirates, mob queens, and his desire for an alien mercenary collide, he might have found a battle he cannot survive.…

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The Yellow Field by Lauren Pickering

81ffBRst-sL._SL1500_ Trigger warning – NSFW

Emma Pascoe, a university student, is in a rotten relationship with Charlie, her boyfriend. Not only is he insensitive to her needs, but he has become progressively violent during sex. Then Sally enters the picture. She’s applying for a job at Emma’s father’s farm.…

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Uprush by Jo Barney

UprushUprush is by Jo Barney set in the Pacific oceanside town of Greensprings, where Lucius Baker the sheriff gets involved with the disappearance of Madge, an elderly resident, and the stories she leaves behind. The book tells the story of college friends Joan, Jackie, Lou and Madge in 1955 and the present day, as they grow and learn about life, ending up in the town they are now in, wondering what has happened to Madge.…

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The Realmsic Conquest: The Hero of Legend by Demethius Jackson

hero of legendKing Maebus has only been in power for less than a week and already there’s no peace for him as he rules this turbulent land. Warlord Damian, whose biggest weapon is history itself, and his legion of warriors, are pitted against The Realm and are ready to wreak havoc on the only magical kingdom in existence…will the magical or non-magical people come through?…

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