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New Releases – Self-Published Books

Decay by Mark Lingane

DecayDecay by Mark Lingane is the second book in his YA steampunk/science fiction series, “The Tesla Evolution.” Set in a war-ravaged dystopian future, Decay follows Sebastian, his friend Melanie, and others fighting off a cyborg threat to kill off humanity once and for all.…

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Lost Library by Kate Baray

lost libraryLost Library by Kate Baray is the first novel in the “Lost Library” urban fantasy romance series, which so far comprises three novels and three short stories. That investment in world-building is very evident in these pages: the book is both carefully detailed and fast-paced, which will appeal to more readers than those interested in romance.…

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Supernatural Hero & The Witches by Eran Gadot

supernatural heroSupernatural Hero & The Witches by Eran Gadot is the follow-up to the award-winning Supernatural Hero. The first book follows Andy, a protypical nerd, who is bullied mercilessly by seemingly everyone in his life. When his beloved grandfather dies, Andy’s gifted with the power to see and talk to the dead.…

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Losing Heart by Donna Brown

Losing Heart by Donna BrownLosing Heart by Donna Brown is a fast-paced novella that covers a wide range of emotions in a small number of pages. Helen is facing the most difficult of issues: she is in need of a heart transplant and has only five months to live.…

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The Representative by Thomas H. Cullen

therepresentativeThe Representative by Thomas H. Cullen is a completely unique approach to writing a book, often with less that two sentences per page with many spaces and blank pages between, with an empty black cover. The writing follows a prose-like form, and speaks of a father and daughter, Mariel and Croyan and their relationship, which is enveloping the latter’s current three-Trokan crisis.…

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When Elves Die By Richard Poche

when elves dieWhen Elves Die is a dark fantasy tale and the debut novel of author Richard Poche.

This is a story of gritty, gratuitous violence and traditional fantasy good versus evil, with beleaguered elves struggling to repel the malevolent onslaught of the Dark Queen and her horrifying minions. …

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The Hangman By Dee Rose

the hangmanThe Hangman is a horror fiction adventure novel by U.S. writer Dee Rose.

Kente Cromwell is murdered for committing adultery with a neighbor’s wife and as a result, given demonic powers, freeing himself of Purgatory in order to return to Earth and seek avengement for his death. …

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Home Again by Michael Kenneth Smith

Home AgainThe hellish vista of war for two young Americans is the backdrop for Smith’s debut, “Home Again.”

A fascinating and well-researched historical account tracks the endless death and fear endured in the Civil War as two men, previously fishing buddies Zach and Luke, enlist to fight for their cause, on opposite sides of the line.…

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