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New Releases – Self-Published Books

Tides: Poems: Life’s Ebb and Flow by Sandra M. Haight

Tides by Sandra HaightSandra M. Haight’s latest poetry collection “Tides” takes its inspiration from nature and the cycles of the seasons, and those emotions that tie us to the ground and the sky and everything in between. There is also a spiritual thread to these poems, with a prayer to God here and there,

A living thing I am–a flower of
God’s earth.

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His Father’s Footsteps by Enrico Downer

His Father's Footsteps by Enrico Downer

“How far would you walk in your father’s footsteps to find the one who killed him?”

“To the ends of the earth,” he answered.

And the fire in his eyes said he meant every word.

It’s 1958 and Mark Maynard’s Barbados home life is shattered by grief when he receives a letter reporting that his father has been murdered in New York, USA.…

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The Automation: Vol. 1 of the Circo del Herrero Series

The Automation: Vol. 1 of the Circo del Herrero SeriesThe Automation: Volume 1 of the Circo del Herrero Series is a surreal Greco-Roman clockwork fantasy written through the seemingly-omniscient personalities “B.L.A.” and “G.B. Gabbler” about the life and occurrences of the unfortunate Odys after his encounter with a gory suicide that links him to the victim’s Automaton, a divine and complex being of unknowable machination that work in tandem with a human soul.…

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Homeless Hero: Understanding the Soul of Home by Mike Tapscott

Homeless Hero: Understanding the Soul of Home  Written from an inside perspective, Homeless Hero: Understanding the Soul of Home aims to explore the issue of homelessness, not ‘what went wrong’ in the decisions and events that lead to becoming homeless, but instead what differences – and similarities – there are between the way those who have and have not experienced homelessness think.…

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112 Hours by Rian Hughes

112 HoursThe fifteenth volume of this font guru’s fascinating obsession turns this time to numbers. Rian Hughes, a British designer based at Device Fonts, manages to make typography massively interesting by putting together a beautiful, artful layout that holds the eye and attention.…

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Antarctica 2014 by Karen Johns

Antartica 2014

This beautiful book by traveler Karen Johns documents her trip to Antarctica in 2014. Laden with exquisite photos, we feel we are with her on her journey through a reflective blue-ice paradise. Of course, the fluffy penguins will enchant everyone, but the ship photos cutting through still waters flanked by mountains and icebergs are amazing, along with timeless shots of whales and seals.…

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Polanski’s Ghosts by Burkhard von Harder

Polanski's GhostsIn March 2009 Roman Polanski shot “THE GHOSTWRITER” on the Isle of Sylt. The photographs in this book show the Listland Movie Set, left behind when the job was done – one still can sense the presence of Pierce Brosnan, Ewan McGregor and Eli Wallach.…

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