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New Releases – Self-Published Books

A Lover in the Land of Hell by Jennie Haiman

A Lover in the Land of Hell by Jennie HaimanA Lover in the Land of Hell by Jennie Haiman begins on an appropriate upbeat note – “Welcome, Newborn” – and continues with an exploration of high-minded themes.

Haiman feels different from those around her, and speaks in these poems for the downtrodden: “Perhaps I’m here for a reason–maybe the world needs more like me.” She makes poignant cries for help for fellow beings, including animals, plants, and even the planet itself.…

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My Little Heart, Ruthie by Toni Jannotta, Illustrated by Jennifer Mones

Composed with victims of emotional abuse in mind, My Little Heart, Ruthie encourages and inspires with poetry and drawings. Toni Jannotta, actress and dancer, now branches out to write children’s books, in this case using limericks as her poetic medium.

Ruthie is a heart who plays a harp, but her hopes have been crushed by cruel words.…

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True Mercy by Idelle Kursman

True Mercy by Idelle KursmanCombining a father’s love for his Autistic son and the dangerous world of human trafficking, True Mercy by Idelle Kursman draws you in immediately, making it hard to stop reading.

An unassuming hero, Bruce Hitchens is thrust into the role of sole caregiver to his adult son, Adam, after his wife passes away.…

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Ansel, and Soul by Naöt Maeh Nam

Ansel, and Soul by Naöt Maeh NamTold through the eyes of Kamera, Ansel, and Soul: Get Lost in Heaven…(Don’t) puts a unique twist on the concept of paradise and the human condition. A cross between sci-fi and philosophy, it takes readers on a journey of imagination, self-realization, and questioning, that leaves them wondering if there is more out there than we can see with our eyes.…

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Lost Young Love by Bruce W. Perry

Lost Young Love by Bruce W. PerryHalf-tipsy confessions of old conquests and relationships aren’t entirely unique, but few authors choose to dedicate an entire book to the recollection of a romantic past. Lost Young Love, however, is a funny and sincere catalogue of the narrator’s cocktail napkin list of lovers, which may or may not be a semi-autobiographical confession from the author, Bruce W.…

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The Last Rogue (The Lochran Trilogy Book 2) by John Righten

The Last Rogue (The Lochran Trilogy Book 2) John Righten ratchets up the tension quotient tenfold in The Last Rogue, a continuation of his no-holds-barred political thriller series, the Lochran Trilogy.

It seems as though Lenka Haberman’s closely guarded world has gone to hell. Katalina, a gentle Russian woman hidden in her orphanage, is brutally murdered and her son’s lover, Kirsten Brett, has been arrested in her murder.…

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The Amendment Killer by Ronald S. Barak

The Killer Amendment by Ronald S. BarakJust how far will you go to save the one you love? In The Amendment Killer, author Ronald S. Barak asks us this question within a complex and riveting political thriller.

U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Arnold Hirschfeld, and his fellow justices are listening to opening remarks in a landmark case that will uphold or invalidate the 28th Amendment.…

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Surfing with Snakes & Dragons by Roger J. Couture

Surfing with Snakes and Dragons by Roger CoutureIn the land of eternal sunshine, life may seem smooth and simple, but there is conflict brewing beneath the waves. In Surfing with Snakes & Dragons: And Other Tales of Suburbia, author Roger J. Couture spins eight enrapturing tales of a freewheeling life that are imbued with energy, danger, and the confusing growing pains of youth.…

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