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New Releases – Self-Published Books

39 Drawings by Jason Innocent

39 Drawings by Jason Innocent39 Drawings is a collection of early artwork by famed graffiti artist Jason Innocent. The artist has made his name with sketchbook-style drawings throughout the streets of New York City, and these thirty-nine drawings collect ideas and images he’s known for in one place.…

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Devils by Erik Henry Vick

Devils by Erik Henry VickDevils by Erik Henry Vick is a horror collection of deliciously disturbing and unsettling tales about many varieties of devil: revenge fantasies, kidnapping, murderous salesmen, and more. The collection is brilliantly composed through slow, creeping exposition and enough shuddering moments to keep readers awake at night.…

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An Obliquity (The Perihelion Book 2) by D.M. Wozniak

An Obliquity (The Perihelion Book 2) An Obliquity by D.M. Wozniak is the electrifying follow-up to The Perihelion, one of the more innovative literary dystopian sci-fi novels you’ll ever read.

In the first book, the world of 2069 is on the edge of the Perihelion, a phenomenon where the planet is closest to the sun.…

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The Melting Pot by Marc Denholm, Illustrated by Darren Yeow

The Melting Pot by Marc DenholmIf it’s an interactive fantasy you’re seeking as the next bedtime story for your little one, look no further than The Melting Pot, a wonderful picture book by Marc Denholm, with superb artwork by Darren Yeow.

The Melting Pot is a potions store in Winlow Markets where Mirth, a young wizard, lives with Master Foss, the owner of the store.…

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Greatest Ever by Jeff Attinella, Illustrated by David Boyd

Greatest Ever by Jeff AttinellaWritten by Jeff Attinella with illustrations by David Boyd, Greatest Ever: The Story of a Coach, a Quarterback and a Comeback is a heartwarming sports story for the primary reader that also works very well as a bedtime story.

Greatest Ever tells the story of the New England Patriot’s miraculous win in Super Bowl 51 and the Patriot’s road to dominance in the NFL.…

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Ismark: The Marked Boy by JH Lillevik

Ismark: The Marked BoyA captured slave, Eirick, crosses continents and battles an empire in this original world fantasy adventure. Eirick struggles to survive as human chattel as men in positions of power plot and scheme, with his path leading him to a man who may hold precious answers about his past.…

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Everybody Bleeds by L.J. Forster

Everybody Bleeds Layla-Rae Bryce is a woman with a deeply troubled life, and with a dark vocation: she works in the murder-for-hire industry, where clients can choose how victims die and watch the death streaming live. When Layla finally tries to raise herself up from the depths of despair, her employers may have other thoughts about her own fate.…

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