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Self-publishing book services reviewed in detail by SPR’s community of experts and bloggers.

Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) Review


Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) has established itself as the single most recognisable DIY self-publishing platform for authors wanting to publish their books in e-book. Amazon launched Kindle Direct Publishing back in 2007 in beta form and pitched it initially to ‘publishers’ via marketing emails. Amazon had also just launched the first Kindle e-reader hardware—a basic e-ink, black and white text ... Read More »

Self-Publishing Services Ranking 2014

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The Independent Publishing Magazine has ranked self-publishing firms for 2014. (KEY) DIY – Do-it-yourself bespoke services ASS – Author Solutions Services (Packages) – May also include Partnership publishing programs PUB – Also offers Mainstream Contracts or is a service imprint of a traditional publishing house PRT – Printer (primarily a printer with some additional but limited services) FULL – Fulfilment ... Read More »

Balboa Press Review


Balboa Press is the paid-publishing division of self-help book publisher Hay House Publishing. All their packages and services are administered and powered by Author Solutions (ASI), a global provider of self-publishing services and solutions. ASI has similar partnerships in place with other mainstream publishers and these types of self-publishing service divisions look set to become more commonplace in the publishing ... Read More »

eBookit Review

ebookit review image

Ebookit charges a flat fee of $149: What WE Do: 1. We Prepare Your File for Conversion 2. We Assign You an ISBN 3. We Convert Your File To Many Required eBook Types 4. We Check Your Converted eBook for Quality 5. We Distribute Your eBook to the World 6. We Promote Your eBook! (optional) 7. We Pay You! Fine ... Read More »

Blurb Review


Blurb was founded by Eileen Gittens, a highly successful business woman with US global companies Kodak and Wall Data amongst others on her CV. She studied photography in her younger days and set up Blurb as on line self-publishing solutions company to serve the needs of both photographers and authors. In spite of all her success, she says Blurb is ... Read More »

SelfPublishing.com Review


Selfpublishing.com has the name every author solutions service would love to have got their hands on. Company founder Ron Pramschufer, a veteran of the print and publishing industry and author of the widely popular self-publishing guide, Publishing Basics – a Guide for the Small Press and Independent Self-Publisher (Navigating the Self Publishing Minefield), proved to be the first to spot ... Read More »

Publishing Services Index


I want to announce a major addition to Self-Publishing Review: Mick Rooney’s self-publisher reviews (print on demand outfits, subsidy publishers, printers) are now housed on the site. He’s really the best writer on this subject working online, so it’s a great boon to the site. If you want more of his help, he’s recently put out To Self-Publish or Not ... Read More »