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Domtom Publishing Review

Titles on – 9

Titles on – 7

Domtom Publishing is a recent newcomer to the author solutions scene. They are based in West Sussex in the UK. They describe themselves as ‘…literally a breath of fresh air to book writers’ and were founded by people from the ‘print industry’ with over 30 years combined experience.…

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Dolman Scott Review Titles – 31

Dolman Scott are based in Berkshire in the UK. I have come across them in trade publishing magazines and Google ads on the Internet, which is why their low volume of titles listed on Amazon surprised me.…

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Choice Publishing Review

Choice Publishing is one of the few Irish author solution services and was founded in 2005. The company is located in Drogeheda, Co. Louth.

“Set up in 2005 by Deirdre Devine and Michelle Bradley, who, having worked in the Publishing industry and witnessed the frustrations of local authors, decided to take the publishing sector in Ireland to a new level.”

Choice Publishing utilise print on demand digital technology to publish their books and they make it clear from the offset that sales and distribution are focussed through on line availability and sales.…

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Authorhouse UK Review Titles – 50,000 Titles – 44,100

AuthorHouse are one of the largest flagship author solution services with 50,000 plus titles available on Amazon UK. AuthorHouse was founded in 1997 and is owned by Author Solutions US who also own iUniverse and Wordclay.…

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Xulon Press Review

Xulon Press was founded by author and publisher Tom Freiling in 1999, and the company is part of the large media and communications group, Salem Communications Corporation, based in the USA. Salem is a Christian communications media group with commercial interests in radio, the Internet, and magazine publishing, and not surprisingly, Xulon Press claims to be the ‘leading Christian publisher in the United States – title for title’.

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UK Unpublished Review

In 2005, David Buttle, a financial accountant, began to look at the development of ebooks long before many publishers and authors acknowledged their significance. He decided to set up UKUnpublished, with the idea of producing ebooks in an attempt to make them a more popular medium.…

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Spiderwize Review

Spiderwize describe their services as ‘assisted self-publishing’ and though based in Lochinver, Scotland, their services are available for UK and US authors. Although relatively new kids on the self-publishing block, Spiderwize have become more prominent in the past year, particularly in the UK.…

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Pyjama Press Review

The Pyjama Press was founded by Irish photographer Steve Walsh and is predominantly based in the UK and France where he spends much of his time. Offering a wide variety of publishing and design services, from book publishing, website design, editing, critique, mentoring and consultancy, the Pyjama Press deals with book projects submitted on an individual basis.…

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