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Self-publishing book services reviewed in detail by SPR’s community of experts and bloggers.

CPI UK Review

CPI is a UK book manufacturer and provider of self-publishing services, and part of the CPI Europe Group, which has operational bases in the UK, Holland, Czech Republic, Germany and France. As well as Antony Rowe, CPI UK includes five other book manufacturing companies, William Clowes, Mackays, Cox & Wyman, Bookmarque and White Quill Press – all working with some of the UK’s largest and smallest publishing houses and independent small presses.…

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My Experience with Authorhouse

Why did you decide to self publish, and what drew you to Authorhouse?

I decided to self publish because I really wanted to tell a contemporary Nigerian story. I had shopped around for a few months for a traditional publisher in the United States where I live but most replies stated that they would prefer a romance set in this country.…

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My Day on Kindle Nation

This past Saturday, I was a sponsored book on Kindle Nation – something I wholeheartedly recommend.  It costs $69 for one-day sponsorship, with other options:

Option 2 – Free Kindle Nation Short Excerpt Email Sponsorship – 1 Day:
Free Kindle Nation Shorts excerpt and sponsorship to be emailed to 5,500 opt-in free email subscribers and pushed directly via Whispernet to over 6,000 Kindles owned by paid subscribers.

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The iPad is Incredible: A Review

So I finally gave in and bought an iPad – trying it out 3 times in store before finally laying down the $500.  I was reluctant because of the amount of bad press, wondering if I was giving in to a fad, and if buying a first-generation device is truly short-sighted. …

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Publish America Review

PublishAmerica is a print-on-demand publisher founded in 1999 by Lawrence Alvin Clopper III and Willem Meiners. The company is based in Maryland, United States, and to date, they have published books for more than 40,000 authors (33,279 titles listed on, printing (according to PA) and publishing more books per year than Random House or HarperCollins.…

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Schiel & Denver Review

Founded by authors in April, 2008, Schiel & Denver is pretty much a new kid on the block. One of those founding authors is Director, Tunde Reid-Kapo (3rd comment down on link). Schiel & Denver describe their company as an international publishing services infrastructure provider, dedicated to meeting the needs of authors and creative people, at an affordable cost.…

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