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Pomegranate Press Review

Amazon UK Titles Listed – 74

Pomegranate Press is a small UK local press based in Sussex, initially specialising in books about the Sussex area. Pomegranate has since expanded its listings to include other non-fiction and fiction titles. Pomegranate also offers a personal self-publishing service for authors.…

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Epic Press Review

Epic Press are a small and new player onto the author solution scene. The company was established in 2007. They use Lightning Source UK and USA, and proclaim on their website that they provide print, distribution and fulfilment, but in reality, it is LSI who provide all this on their behalf, as is the case for many other such companies.…

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Introducing: Backword Books

This will repeat some of the information mentioned in the inaugural post of Backword Books – an experiment in self-publishing.  Backword Books is a compendium of self-publishers – a kind of hybrid of self-publishing and the traditional literary press.  It’s not a press that uses POD technology because the difference is that each writer on Backword uses a different method to print books – iUniverse, Lulu, Lightning Source, and so on.…

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iUniverse Review

Frankly, I’m surprised that so many self-publishers use a service like iUniverse.  I’m an advocate of using a self-publisher that doesn’t call attention to the fact that it’s a self-publisher.  Though many people familiar with self-publishing immediately know the difference between iUniverse, AuthorHouse, Lulu, and so on, there are many more people who do not know the difference – especially readers who are not also writers.…

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Mick Rooney's Self-Publisher Reviews

You would do very well to visit Mick Rooney‘s comprehensive list of self-publisher reviews at his site:

Self-publishing services are archived here.…

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The Choir Press Review

The Choir Press, based in Gloucester, was founded in 1982 as a book solution service provider, initially to the publishing trade, but with the advances in the Internet and book technology, they began making their services available to self-publishing authors in 1997.…

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