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Self-publishing book services reviewed in detail by SPR’s community of experts and bloggers.

BookSurge Review

Last May, Amazon attempted to muscle out other print on demand outlets by declaring that only Amazon-affiliated books released through BookSurge could be printed via Amazon. The warning declared that unless books printed via BookSurge, the “buy now” button would be deactivated.…

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Xlibris Review

Xlibris has been in existence for more than ten years and since I last looked at their site and publishing services last year, they seem to have revamped things recently.

Almost all

Book Format:

For these articles, I am going to concentrate on the most important and popular service used by authors using POD publishers, a 200pp black and white paperback/hardback edition.…

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Book Printing Revolution Review

This website recently received an email criticizing the content for not driving a line between self-publishing services like iUniverse or Author House and true self-publishing, in which you print up your own books independently. The argument that the former is not self-publishing at all, it’s subsidy publishing.…

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Mill City Press Review

The first thing you notice about Mill City Press is the quality of the website.  It has a matte-quality similar to book covers of contemporary fiction – and something that most self-publishers do not offer, as most publishers only offer glossy covers. …

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You have to imagine that a site with the URL gets a lot of traffic – it comes up first in Google results for “Self-Publishing.” That’s impressive but how’s the actual service? Overall, offers well-priced packages that include services such as marketing, which makes a good to choice to print a book.…

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Publishing a Book with Cafe Press

Let’s just start off this review by stating that you shouldn’t publish a book with Cafe Press. Of course, this depends on your overall plans for the book – but if you’re serious about marketing a book, whether it’s fiction or non-fiction, Cafe Press is not a place to publish your book.…

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Wheatmark Books Review

Wheatmark is unique among self-publishers: it’s a kind of hybrid self-publisher/publisher.  Not that they turn anyone away – which is the main dividing line between a traditional publisher and a self-publisher – but they do give each author more personal contact. …

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Outskirts Press Review

Most people who self-publish will likely look into the big self-publishers first: AuthorHouse, iUniverse, and Lulu.  The thinking may be that it is hard enough to get readers for a self-published novel – going with a major self-publisher will make it more likely that you’ll find prospective readers within that publisher’s community.…

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