Current news stories from the independent book industry

Smashwords Partners with Baker & Taylor

Big news on the Smashwords front:

There are two components of the agreement. The first is distribution into the Blio online store and e-reading app. The second part of the agreement gains Smashwords authors and publishers distribution into the library market through Baker & Taylor’s Axis360 service.

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Welcome to the New Self-Publishing Review

The site may look the same, but it’s not.  Step right up for a long and boring tale.  Around 3 months ago, registrations stopped working for no reason.  I tried everything to fix it – deleting plugins, adding plugins, messing with code. …

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Self-Publishers in the Kindle Lending Library

If you went to your KDP account this morning to (obsessively) check your stats, you might have seen this:

After a bit of confusion whether or not self-publishers would be part of the Kindle Lending library, they now can be.  However, this isn’t a perfect deal for self-publishers for this reason:

When you choose KDP Select for a book, you’re committing to make the digital format of that book available exclusively through KDP.

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The Next Big Thing: Kobo?

David Gaughran has a comprehensive post about Kobo’s recent buyout by a Japanese firm. In the U.S., Kobo doesn’t get a lot of love – sales are slim on Kobo compared to other outlets, and the Kobo reader doesn’t really stack up to the Nook or the Kindle. …

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Smashwords Accepting New Formats in 2012

This is pretty huge news. The biggest mark against Smashwords is their meatgrinder – it’s necessary to submit a bare bones files or else the meatgrinder will convert it with myriad formatting problems, and the file won’t be eligible for distribution.…

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Problems and Opportunities with Kindle’s Automatic Pricing

A cautionary tale this week about a writer whose book was set to free for the Kindle by mistake. Amazon saw a free preview on Barnes and Noble as being a complete book – and so given Amazon’s policy to never have a higher priced book than any other outlet, they matched the price of the free preview.…

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Kindle Lending Library for Self-Publishers

The Kindle Lending Library went live today and there’s some consternation about what all this means. First off, this is only for Amazon Prime customers, who pay $79 a year, or around $6.50 a month. These titles cannot be accessed on Kindle for iPad, Kindle for desktop – only on Kindle hardware.…

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