Current news stories from the independent book industry

Mad Magazine Illustrator Self-Publishes

I can’t claim to entirely know the market for comics, but this story seems pretty significant. An illustrator for Mad Magazine decided to self-publish his collection of caricatures via his own imprint, Deadline Demon Publishing. Given his connection to big time publishing, he likely could have gotten a deal, but he weighed his options and saw self-publishing as the better choice.…

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Not a Lesson in Self-Publishing

This story is pretty amazing.  A “publishing consultant” in Atlanta, GA ripped people off by taking their money and offering nothing in return.  At the risk of blaming the victim, I am not 100% sympathetic.  When you’re shelling out $10,000 to someone with 30 prior fraud complaints, perhaps you didn’t do your homework. …

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SPR Pays for Reviews

As a sequel to SPR is Charging for Reviews, here ‘s the lowdown for reviewers, as I’m not sure how many people yet know about this yet.  Reviewers are paid $40 per review, and the site is getting a steady stream of people looking for reviews so far.…

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SPR is Now Charging for Reviews

Believe me, I struggled with this idea for a long time. In a world where self-publishers get ripped off by shady print on demand outfits, there’s a lot of sensitivity to charging self-publishers any money. The main purpose of charging for reviews is not to make me money as editor of this site, but to attract a bunch of reviewers web-wide who might be able to review a greater variety of books – cookbooks, kids, romance, whatever it may be.…

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Sued for Self-Publishing

Interesting tidbit in this recent New York Times article about how Amazon is ripping apart the publishing industry.

For a sense of how rattled publishers are by Amazon’s foray into their business, consider the case of Kiana Davenport, a Hawaiian writer whose career abruptly derailed last month.

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