Current news stories from the independent book industry

Andrew Sullivan on Print on Demand

Andrew Sullivan, political blogger for The Atlantic, weighs in on print on demand. He says,

My own view is that the publishing industry deserves to die in its current state. It never made economic sense to me; there are no real editors of books any more; the distribution network is archaic; the technology of publishing pathetic; and the rewards to authors largely impenetrable.

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The Espresso Book Machine

Via Mick Rooney’s print on demand blog comes news of the Espresso Book Machine – a print on demand book machine that can print up books in-store.  The implications for the self-publishing industry are huge, as the main problem for print on demand books is the inability to find its way into bookstores. …

Read More Cuts Staff Due to Economic Slowdown

This news is from last October, but it’s important for anyone considering using the Lulu service.  Lulu has showed some ill effects due to the faltering economy – as a result it is cutting its workforce in order to make up for lost revenue.…

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Kindle to Sell USA Today

In a new sign of the demise of print media – but that print media is adapting – USA Today will now be accessible on Amazon’s Kindle. Currently, only 28 papers show up in Amazon’s Kindle Storefront. Though Kindle has been met with doubters that it could catch hold, Kindle’s new problem is a good one to have: currently they’re sold out, having gotten recent high-profile endorsements from Oprah Winfrey and Martha Stewart.…

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