Current news stories from the independent book industry

Smashwords Announces Distribution Agreement with Gardners Books

Gardners BooksSmashwords is expanding its global marketing reach in a partnership with the UK’s Gardners Books. From the Smashwords blog:

On October 22 Smashwords will begin delivering 230,000 ebooks sourced from the over 100,000 indie authors and small independent presses to 400 ebook stores powered by Gardners operating in 32 countries and serving customers in 138 countries; 2,000 public libraries in the U.K.; and 400 academic libraries in the UK, Europe and Middle East. 

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New SPR Publishing House Kwill Opens Its Doors To Indie Authors

Kwill Books LaunchSPR has launched a publishing house, Kwill Books, to meet the demand for indie authors who want the perks of self-publishing without the hassle of doing everything for themselves. Here, Cate Baum, founder, explains to SPR reviewer Lysa Grant why she and co-founder, husband Henry Baum, embarked on this exciting venture.

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Kobo Now Offering Author Services

Kobo is expanding into author services, separating itself from Amazon KDP. From the Kobo blog:

Many of you have noticed a new “Author Services” tab popped up in your dashboard. This is a project we’ve been working towards for several years: offering a list of recommended professional services – cover design, editorial help, print on demand, and more – that we trust and believe offer good value for independent authors.

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Amazon Announces New Author Earnings Model And $7.8 Million Bonus on KDP Select

KDP Select Announces New ModelAmazon today shared a new model for KDP Select Earnings, along with multi-million dollar bonuses for the next few months. What this means for authors isn’t clear yet, but you can read more on Amazon’s site on the link below.

Today we have a few exciting announcements to share related to the KDP Select global fund.

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Amazon Adds New Review Options Via Drop Down Menus

If you’ve tried to review a book on Amazon recently, Amazon has added a few options for users when reviewing a book via drop-down menus.

Amazon Reviews - Overall

Here are the choices:

Amazon Reviews - Writing Amazon Reviews - Violence Amazon Reviews - Sexual Content Amazon Reviews - Narration Amazon Reviews - Plot Amazon Reviews - Mood


At the bottom of the page it says: “Write your reviews using the traditional review authoring page” so this is a beta system.…

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Romance Authors Get 15% Off At SPR Until Valentine’s!

We’re giving a loving gift to all of you who create romance, love, passion and titillation for readers everywhere by offering a checkout code especially for romance writers! All you have to do is buy a review, marketing package or editing package for your book, and use the code HEART15 at checkout!…

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