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Unique 3D Book Badge For Every Lead Story Review!

Get a beautiful and unique 3D book badge with a pullquote and star rating to use freely when you buy a Lead Story Review at Self-Publishing Review!

SPR 3D Book
This example shows “North of Sunset” by SPR founder Henry Baum

We love helping our clients get seen online, and seeing as 3D books are all the rage, we thought we’d help you all out and offer a 3D badge with a pullquote from your review and a lovely big star rating to show off to all your readers!…

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Amazon Releases Details on New Crowdsourcing Platform

Amazon logoDetails have been revealed about Amazon’s new crowdsourcing platform. It’s for romance, mystery & thriller, and science fiction & fantasy books. From their email:

Thanks for subscribing to receive updates on Amazon’s new publishing program! We’re excited to announce that we’ll be opening for submissions in a couple weeks.

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Self-Published Author, Patrick McLaw, Not Arrested for Books

Patrick McClaw NovelsThere was always something fishy about this story, though very ominous. A Maryland teacher was fired and taken in for a psych evaluation as result (it was reported) of a pair of self-published works of science fiction he published in 2011 about school shootings.…

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KDP Enables Pre-Orders for Self-Published Titles

Amazon KDPFinally, one of the biggest advantages for trad books on Amazon is now available to self-publishers: pre-ordering. From Amazon’s release:

We’re excited to announce that you can now make your new books available for pre-order in Kindle Stores worldwide. With a few quick and easy steps you can create a pre-order page up to 90 days in advance of your book’s release date–your pre-order product page will be created within 24 hours.

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Toronto International Book Fair Launches Self-Publishing Award

Inspire! Toronto International Book FairVia the Toronto Star:

Canada’s first awards for self-published books will be presented at Inspire! Toronto International Book Fair, an exhibition for print and digital books that launches in November.

The Creation of Stories: Canada’s Self-Publishing Awards are open to all Canadians who have produced a book between July 1, 2013, and September 1, 2014, using any self-publishing platform.

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