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Indie Author Landscape Shifts in 2017? Well, not really.

So, is it all over for indie authors? Exactly the opposite, says Cate Baum of Self-Publishing Review. It has been a year for indie book companies to draw to a close. Galley Cat, Booktrope, AllRomance, and IndieReader are just some indie book businesses who have declared “a shift in the indie author landscape” to be the cause of their indie …

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Announcing The Finalists of The SPR Book Awards 2016!

2016 SPR Book Awards

It’s been a very competitive year for The SPR Book Awards, as self-publishing continues to flourish with some really nice book covers, interiors, and storytelling. This year, the SPR reviewers decided to focus on the writing skills and presentation of the words – we wanted to really enjoy to the material the authors created themselves. In a few hours, we’ll …

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Authors – Use This Cunning Trick To Protect Your Book From Plagiarism!


There’s a clever way to find your pirated book online if you follow this simple trick, sometimes used by dictionary and reference book publishers. All you have to do is use a Mountweasel. Yes, that’s right. A Mountweasel. A Mountweasel is a made-up word that is unique to you, and makes it entirely easy to Google your book’s contents to …

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Amazon Book Reviews – “Allowed” and “Not Allowed”

Editorial Reviews for Hugh Howey's "Wool"

There still seems to be some confusion around what Amazon calls its Editorial Review section. Despite there being very strong evidence that it is a good idea to have editorial reviews for your book, authors are still, yes, still, muddling these up with the dreaded “paid” review. As COO of one of the major services delivering editorial reviews and mailout …

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Why We Write About 9/11

9-11 in Fiction

It was a balmy day in September. I was in London, working in a digital studio, churning out tabards and display signs on Photoshop for conferences. Standing next to me was a woman who was flying out that afternoon to present a new credit card to her colleagues at Morgan Stanley in New York, based in the South Tower of …

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SPR Awards 2016 Open For Submissions!

NOW CLOSED! WINNERS ANNOUNCED DEC 15 2016 It’s time for our international book awards to kick off again! This year the prizes have got bigger and better with the first prize giving you over $2000 of book promotion, so we hope to see some strong competition! In its third year, the SPR Awards has been an exciting and diverse competition, …

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Promoting Your Book 101: Google vs Amazon vs Facebook vs Twitter

Promoting your book 101

Often we are faced with a daunting task of promoting our books. But how? What is the difference between promoting on Google and Amazon? Why does it matter what sort of promotion you do as an author? Lately I have been surprised by the amount of clients missing the basics. Here’s a quick guide to fill in some gaps in …

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Mostly, It’s Not a Choice – Indie Authorship

Indie Publishing - Not a Choice

There are many articles that start “What should you choose: traditional or self-publishing?” This gives the wrong impression to writers. Why? Because it gives the impression that as an author you have the choice to be published by a publishing house if you like! You probably don’t, and it’s high time this author forum myth is put to bed. If …

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