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What Not To Write – Ten Book Boos For Indie Authors To Avoid

When writing a book, what are the turn-offs for a reader? SPR editor Cate Baum reveals some of the no-no’s she’s come across on her literary travels in self-publishing.

1. Epigraphs

The unnecesary epigraph, that is, the quote from the cheesy and cliched favorite writer gleaned from Goodreads to make the writer appear erudite and witty, is rife in self-published books.…

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How Claudia Must Die Was Born

I’m often asked how I come up with stories. This is difficult to answer considering I can’t pinpoint one moment in time. Usually, something plants a seed and then I’ll stumble onto a news story or overhear a conversation and an idea starts to grow.…

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Eight Tips For Writing Character Voice In Your Novel

Character Voice
What are we talking about when we discuss the “voice” of the character you have created in your book? We’re discussing the way in which your character communicates with others in dialogue, but also how the character thinks and narrates to your reader.

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