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Why Pay For A Book Review?

Book ReviewsCate Baum of Self-Publishing Review attempts to put some of the myths to bed about what it means to buy a book review.

I have seen too many forum posts where self-publishers vow to never pay for a book review. It’s still seen as sinister and icky, and somewhat dishonest.…

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Top Ten Bugbears of a Self-Published Book Editor

Cate Baum - Editor
Cate Baum – Editor

It’s time again. Cate Baum, SPR Editor is back to enlighten writers everywhere on how not to drive their editors up the wall.

Here, I have listed my top bugbears uncovered editing self-published works from around the world.…

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How Do You Develop and Use a List of Your Readers?

Build Your List

One of the pieces of information authors are finding invaluable is a list of their readers. If you want to announce a new release, a promotion or a giveaway, the instant access to a list of your readers is priceless. It could mean an instant jump in rankings and an increase in reviews both critical to the success of your book.…

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Why I’m leaving Amazon’s KDP Select program

Ugly Little ThingsOn Friday, Amazon launched a new service called “Kindle Unlimited.” It’s a subscription service where, for $9.99 a month, a consumer can have access to over 600k Kindle titles, as well as their audio equivalents. You can get up to 10 books at a time.…

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Self-Publishing for Academics

Inside Higher EdAn interesting exposé (that takes some digs at self-publishing) covers the new crop of academics going the self-publishing route for many of the same reasons as other authors.

Many scholars – particularly supporters of the open-access movement, which argues that scholarly research should be available for free online — have grown increasingly frustrated with academic publishers in recent years, Weller said.

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Five Factors For A Great Book Cover

Why is it some book covers pop while others are astoundingly wrong? As a self-publishing author it’s essential to get it right. Here are five factors to consider when choosing a design.

Example of terrible book cover1. Does your cover represent the contents of your book?

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Six Reasons Self-Published Books Have Subtitles

Six Reasons Why Self-Published Books Have Subtitles
When browsing through books on Amazon or Smashwords it is pretty striking that so many more books have subtitles these days. Why is that? Six reasons halfway to explaining this trend.

1. A self-published book has to explain itself

While bestselling books by authors we know come on reputation, such as “The Goldfinch” by Donna Tartt (could be about birds, actually is about the life of a boy with PTSD) or “Big Brother” by Lionel Shriver (could be about politics, is actually about morbid obesity), it is more difficult to make a new reader stop and read your synopsis if you are unknown.…

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