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Seven Steps To Maximum Exposure For Your Self-Published Book

7 tips maximize sales book
It’s a very competitive market out there. Here are some more direct tips from SPR’s marketing team to get your book sold and seen.

  1. Good cover design

    The one greatest tool for your book marketing is a professional book cover. Without it, you will fail online, you will fail on a book stand.

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Essential Knowledge For Every New Self-Publisher

Dave Chesson
Dave Chesson, Kindlepreneur

Self-publishing can be equally exciting and overwhelming. On the one hand, it’s the best opportunity for most of us to realize our dream of publishing a book. Who wouldn’t be excited by the thought of expressing their ideas creatively and hopefully making some money in the process?

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The Brontë Sisters – Self-Publishing Pioneers

Did you know the Brontë sisters were pioneers in self-publishing? In this look at their lives, vanity presses, underhand dealings, and ripoff merchants play in their rise to literary legend.

Patrick Brunty was an Irish clergyman from humble beginnings. Subtly changing his name over time to “Brontë,” meaning “the sound of thunder” in Greek, to suit his loftier academic leanings, he had married and had six children, with Charlotte (1816–1855), Patrick Branwell (1817–1848), Emily (1818–1848) and Anne (1820–1849) surviving the deaths of their mother from cancer and their two older sisters Elizabeth and Maria from suspected consumption.…

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From George Eliot to JT LeRoy – The Female Author Problem

It’s 2017. And yet, woman writers are still a niche.

Amazingly, we still seem to be using the term “female author” or “woman writer.” Amazon has a category, “Women’s Fiction.” There are a lot of niche prizes out there for “Women Authors.” None for “Men Authors.”

Being a woman still “poses issues” for those marketing fiction, and it seems to be not going away.…

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How Authors Can Use Amazon Smile to Raise Money For Charity

Amazon SmileWhen it comes to charity, we’re adept at giving online, especially when it doesn’t cost a dime to support your favorite cause. Amazon Smile is a tool that authors can leverage to sell books at the same time as making some money for just about any organization there is.

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3 Golden Rules For Your Amazon Author Page

Dave Chesson Kindlepreneur
Dave Chesson

A Guest Post by Kindlepreneur’s Dave Chesson on the importance of the Amazon Author Page.

In the increasingly crowded world of self-publishing, it’s important for authors to do everything in their power to stand out from their competitors.

Of course, a quality book is always the best way.…

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The Baum Indie Book Prize 2017 Open For Entries!

Win a Kwill Book dealWith a book deal from Kwill Books worth over $3000 in publicity, editing, and reviews, it’s a prize open to any independent author looking for a boost for their new work!

Henry and Cate Baum have been working with indie authors at Self-Publishing Review and Kwill Books for a decade, offering author advice and services.…

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