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3 Golden Rules For Your Amazon Author Page

Dave Chesson Kindlepreneur
Dave Chesson

A Guest Post by Kindlepreneur’s Dave Chesson on the importance of the Amazon Author Page.

In the increasingly crowded world of self-publishing, it’s important for authors to do everything in their power to stand out from their competitors.

Of course, a quality book is always the best way.…

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The Baum Indie Book Prize 2017 Open For Entries!

Win a Kwill Book dealWith a book deal from Kwill Books worth over $3000 in publicity, editing, and reviews, it’s a prize open to any independent author looking for a boost for their new work!

Henry and Cate Baum have been working with indie authors at Self-Publishing Review and Kwill Books for a decade, offering author advice and services.…

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Are All Book Printing Services The Same? POD vs Offset Options for Authors

So many authors end up buying boxes of pre-printed books without understanding why they have now got these wretched masses in their closets and garages. Looking at the different types of print output will help you choose the right method to sell your book without felling trees and buying extra coat rails just to sell books.

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Indie Author Landscape Shifts in 2017? Well, not really.

So, is it all over for indie authors? Exactly the opposite, says Cate Baum of Self-Publishing Review.

It has been a year for indie book companies to draw to a close. Galley Cat, Booktrope, AllRomance, and IndieReader are just some indie book businesses who have declared “a shift in the indie author landscape” to be the cause of their indie book business closures, while many others seem to be in decline with much less activity and showcasing.…

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Announcing The Finalists of The SPR Book Awards 2016!

2016 SPR Book Awards

It’s been a very competitive year for The SPR Book Awards, as self-publishing continues to flourish with some really nice book covers, interiors, and storytelling. This year, the SPR reviewers decided to focus on the writing skills and presentation of the words – we wanted to really enjoy to the material the authors created themselves.

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