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Enterprise Authors: Rethinking the E-Book Revolution

There is something happening in the publishing industry right now. Something seismic. Regular men and women – children even! – are beginning to self-publish. The internet has given them the keys to a once gated empire – and the gatekeepers are not happy.…

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Ebook Cover Design: Context Creates Possibilities

This post is a part of Ebook specific cover design series.

On a web page a book's cover is surrounded by information it used to convey itself - like title and author

There are three approaches to covers:
– ebook cover is a copy of a print edition,
– one cover is designed for both print and digital edition,
– a cover is designed for ebook only.…

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Kindle Quality Control

I received this email this morning from Amazon:

Dear Publisher,

During a quality assurance review of your title, we have found the following issue(s):

Typo/formatting issues exist that may have been caused by an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) problem. Following are few examples:

*Loc 1969; “kiss on the check” should be “kiss on the cheek”
*Loc 578; “I bum one” should be “I bum one”

At Location – 1924; the word “more” is missing between “even” and “doomed”.

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eBook Authors: Errors and the Dreaded Stigma of Self-Publishing

Self-publishing and ebooks have carried a stigma from day one by naysayers and the traditional publishing world. They forecast the book publishing pipe filled with poor and unreadable digital content because of the self-publishing ebook author.

There has been an increase in errors and poor formatting introduced by the new digital books compared to their pbook counterparts to be sure.…

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Traditional Publishing: Pros & Cons

There’s also so much information out there about all the different forms of publishing that most new authors are overwhelmed when it comes to deciding which way for their books.

My goal with this series of posts is not to persuade or convert any author in favor of one form of publishing over another.…

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Beating them off with a Schtick

I’ve written a book with a schtick.

If I tell you that when I first drafted my collection of Christmas-themed horror shorts they were as a gift for my wife, who loves the holidays like no doe-eyed child ever did, and that I genuinely wanted to explore the notion of ‘giving’ creatively, while reveling in a mythology that is all too rarely untouched by serious genre writers, precisely because the associated tinsel-trimmed gimmickry makes them seem corny or hackneyed: you still won’t care.…

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