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So, You Want to Write a Book

Each of you has a book in yourself. After all, you all have your life stories. That is a starting point; at least it was for me. I wrote my memoirs about recovery from multiple addictions and mental illness. It helped me to heal and to learn how to put my thoughts down on paper.…

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Thank God for Humor

Where would we be if we couldn’t laugh in this world that is frequently too serious for its own good? One of the greatest gifts I’ve come to discover is how to laugh at and with myself. I’ve spent most of my life taking myself and things way too seriously.…

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IndiePub ~ Amanda Hocking Just Might Not Be a Pioneer

I’m going to buck the trend in this blog entry by not rehashing Amanda Hockings’ impressive rocket success on the ePub scene. One might inadvertently take Ms. Hocking for a pioneer on the IndiePub scene, maybe look upon her story as the exception, a first, or a singular phenom.…

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Mark Coker on the Downfall of Big Publishing

This week, Mark Coker posted a new entry to the Smashwords blog detailing the rise of self-publishing and discussing the broken model upon which big publishing is built. From the article:

If authors – the beating heart powering Big Publishing – lose faith in Big Publishing, then big publishing as we know it will die.

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The Writing Process

Writing takes me to new heightsOne of the things I love best about DVDs are the special features. I love learning how and why a movie was made as much as (and maybe more than) the the movie itself. The same goes for books. I love learning about the process that went on from conception to publication and all the steps and changes that happened along.…

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