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The Dark Side of Reviews

In the past, I’ve blogged my thoughts about the review process, and I’m at it again. It’s the wonderful experience when publishing a book. Every author, whether self-published or traditional, has a star-filled future from one to five.

After being in the public eye since 2008, I’ve come to one conclusion.…

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e-Textbooks: How do they stack up against traditional textbooks?

I will start by stating that I believe e-textbooks are a great opportunity to improve the quality of education. But the players have to start thinking outside the box and stop resisting the new concept. E-textbooks should be a wake-up call to professors and students, publishers, authors and content providers.…

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The Other 90% of us

In a recent talk, the great novelist Margaret Atwood (link courtesy of teleread) said that approximately 10% of authors make their living by their writing. This seemed like a high number to me. It makes me wonder a) what is the definition of an author and b) what is the history of this percentage?…

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Self-publishing and social networking

A Heart to Mend

The main advantage of self-publishing for me is that as the author, I have full control over the content, design, and marketing of my book. I also decide when it goes to press and I retain all the publication and subsidiary rights.…

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Indie Book Review: The Doom Guardian

This review features spoilers.  Read at your own risk.

Say you go for a walk and find a milky-gray translucent pebble.  It’s all knobby and cloudy and encrusted with dirt.  If you take it home, wash it off, polish it up, and cut it, you may have a diamond. …

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Self-Publishing: Some advice for emerging writers.

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Creative Commons License photo credit: gruntzooki

I’ve been seeing a lot of conversation going on lately about self-publishing and how it relates to emerging writers. This is a topic that I’m quite interested in, having both considered the possibility of self-publishing and applied the term ’emerging’ to myself and my writing.…

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