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A Black Eye for Self-Publishing

You may have heard by now about the Kindle book, The Pedophile’s Guide to Love and Pleasure, that was posted on Amazon, greeted with mass outrage, and subsequently removed by Amazon. My first thought hearing this was: Damn, self-publishing doesn’t need this. …

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Cool Book Launch Idea from Webcomic Pros

I thought this was an interesting way to do a book launch: The creators of some popular webcomics have a new book coming out next week called Machine of Death (a collection of short stories from a whole mess of folks), and they’re asking all their fans to buy the book on the same day in an attempt to push it to #1 in Amazon’s sales rankings.…

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What Can Self-Publishers Learn from Comics?

How We Learn From Comic Books

I grew up reading the likes of Uncanny Xmen, Incredible Hulk and disturbingly, Watchmen, among scores of other super hero titles. For better or worse, those comic books help shape much of my personality and imagination.

Spending six years contracting for the Department of Education, I repeatedly ran into educator innovators, centering student learning on comic books.…

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Like Minds Think Alike

A bit of circular referencing led me to some very enjoyable reading today, beginning right here at selfpublishingreview.com. I had written a blog post about giving away my stories via Smashwords and Feedbooks, and one of the people commenting on the post was Moxie Mezcal.…

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Self-Publishing or Indie – What’s in a Name

The playing field of publishing has tilted, but it hasn’t leveled by any means. The vast majority of books sold still involve the cutting down of a tree and the passing through of some very tiny gates. But it is has tilted, and if you step back, and make a little director’s square with your hands, you’ll see that it is skewed in favor of those who understand the digital world.…

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A Brief History of My Five Years of Selling Ebooks

When I started publishing my writing, I did not plan on becoming an ebook seller. I was focused on how to get my books printed, set up a website, and list them in Amazon. Then I noticed an option on a menu in Adobe InDesign.…

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