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Remaining True


That’s what she would have tattooed across my forehead. In Black Ink, but then deciding to go back and change the font style to something Celtic although I don’t have a drop of Irish blood in me.…

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This isn’t about self-publishing.

But it is about a writer, and writers like stories about writers, right? Particularly when the writers is J.D. Salinger. (Even if you’re not a fan of his, surely you’re curious about him…? No…?)

*The following originally posted at my old blogsite in June of ‘09. 

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Thoughts on The Dark Matter

[…] allows the publishing of written depictions of sexually explicit scenes, but we do not allow pornographic images within the books, and we do not allow erotica that depicts minors engaged (willingly or unwillingly) in sexual acts with adults. Fictional scenes of rape, sadism or pedophilia are strongly discouraged, and they’re strictly prohibited if their purpose in the book is to arouse the reader.…

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Reviewing the Professional Review

As a self-published author, I have read opponent comments that one of the downsides to choosing the “vanity” route is being unable to obtain professional reviews. Though I have found it difficult, it is not impossible.

The question I ponder regarding the review process, however, is how beneficial are professional reviews for authors? …

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Quitting gets a little easier every time.

marlboro_red1[Cross-posted at my personal blog.]

I used to smoke regularly. It started when I was 13 with a Marlboro red 100 (if you’re going to do it, go big). My friend D and I sat at the top of a long set of stairs leading down to a narrow path that cut through my small Neckarsteinach neighborhood, and she pulled one from the soft pack.…

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Freebooks in the Age of Ereaders

Cory Doctorow’s the pioneer of giving your work away for free and he’s had major success.  He writes:

I’ve been giving away my books ever since my first novel came out, and boy has it ever made me a bunch of money.

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