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WYSIWYG – Use This One Simple Concept To Vet Author Services (And Avoid Getting Ripped Off)

Buying onlineForget watchdogs and forums – this simple trick will protect authors when buying services online.

When online editors talk about client experience in meetings, we often use the term “WYSIWYG.” This stands for “What You See Is What You Get.”  WYSIWYG means a system of adding content whereby you can see what you will get at the end as you go along, with no hidden or difficult to navigate aspects.…

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Indie Author Gatekeeping Has To Stop

alliA misfire from ALLi at the community of British indie authors?

Lately it’s become a time of uncertainty for indie authors. Amazon has been making changes to their policies left, right, and center. Brexit happened, maybe affecting taxes for authors selling in Europe when the UK leaves the EU (whenever that will be).…

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Why It’s A Bad Idea For Authors To Do Review Swaps On Amazon

So many times authors join a social media group called “Review Swaps” or “Author Swaps.” These groups have been set up quite innocently so that authors can get free Amazon Customer Reviews. Unfortunately swapping your book for a review on Amazon is actually a pretty bad idea – and I have found a lot of authors still don’t understand why.

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New SPR Book Promotion Deals For Amazon Success

Amazon Book Promotions at SPRSelf-Publishing Review’s new Amazon book promotion services give authors a great way of increasing customer sales and reviews in a safe and proven way, tweaked to be in line with Amazon’s new review and selling policies for June 2016 to ensure book success continues with our clients’ books.

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What To Do When Your Book Is Pirated Online – 5 Easy Steps

Every author should read this article!

Pirating is a massive issue right now and one that all authors should be aware of. Like movies, as soon as your book is made publicly available you are facing someone making it into a FREE PDF and sticking it on one of the many download systems available, with thousands of readers downloading your content.…

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How A Professional Reviewer Reviews Your Book

Professional ReviewerAt SPR we’ve been reviewing books for nearly a decade. Here, we talk about how we review a book, and answer some of the most burning questions authors have.

Book Policy

When a book comes in for review, the first thing we check is that it meets our book policy.…

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