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No Advance or Be Damned

I am going to say something which may ruffle a few feathers, both from traditionally published authors and authors who have self-published but are looking to break into mainstream publishing through their own endeavours.

Your prospective publisher declares ‘NO ADVANCE OR BE DAMNED’.…

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The Two Wings of Self-Publishing

Self-publishing seems to fall into two separate camps:

1.  Those who want to use self-publishing as a stepping stone to being traditionally published.

2.  Those who don’t care about the traditional system whatsoever and want to sidestep it.

The vehement reaction in the Publishing Renaissance debate against traditional publishing makes me want to write about the second. …

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Amazon Enters the Publishing Business with AmazonEncore

The impulse about Amazon is to think that they’re a monolithic corporate entity that may be up to no good.  This is the root of a lot of the criticism of the Kindle, which people criticize as possibly monopolizing the ebook market: consumers will be forced to buy books from only the Amazon outlet. …

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To Self-Publish or Not to Self-Publish

The question of choosing to self-publish for an author is better understood if the question is turned on its head. An author should always ask themselves the question rhetorically.

‘Why do I want to self publish?’

I mean have you not heard all the bad press self publishing gets?…

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To Write, To Publish, To Commit a Felony: That is the Question

Late 1990s.  December.  After three years, I write “The End” on the last page of my tough-guy, hard-boiled, noir crime thriller.  All I need now is a great agent – someone who will believe in me – someone who will champion my talent – get my book published. …

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Star Trek and Self-Publishing

Yes, there is a connection.  As I’ve been writing about recently, the impulse to criticize self-publishing seems seriously misguided.  At its core, self-publishing is a way for everyone – everyone – to be able to freely express themselves.  That the output is mostly bad (which you can’t determine unless you read thousands of books) is mostly a non-issue. …

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What is Literary Value?

The post about the ways that people criticize self-publishing brings up the idea that a traditionally published book has a stamp of approval and so traditionally published books are more reliable.  This is true.  Some amount of vetting does count for something, but in an age when it’s more difficult to get published, it is not the only measure of a book’s worth.…

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Why Do People Hate Self-Publishing So Much?

Part of the reason I’m so attracted to self-publishing is that it’s so reviled.  It’s for misfits.  It truly is the publishing version of punk rock – something that anybody could do and something that people snubbed their noses at.  Something that inspired conservative outrage. …

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