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Bad Self-Published Books

Obviously, I’m a self-publishing advocate, but I can acknowledge that there are some hilariously bad self-published books out there.  Thankfully, they haven’t come my way in the form of submissions.  Maybe my reviews have been too critical, but it’s my experience it’s the people who write the better books who are the most obsessed with marketing – see Kristen Tsetsi and Frank Daniels. …

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The Past, Present, and Future of Ebooks

In Andrew Sullivan’s follow-up to his post about print on demand, he links to this excellent quote by Edgar Allen Poe, predicting and advocating self-publishing:

… authors will perceive the immense advantage of giving their own manuscripts directly to the public without the expensive interference of the type-setter, and the often ruinous intervention of the publisher.

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An Attachment to Books

A fascinating new study about people’s attachment to objects has been conducted at Ohio State University.  What’s this have to do with self-publishing?  A lot.  We’ve mentioned here before that the ability to actually feel a book in your hands can do a lot for book sales. …

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The Tide is Turning

From an excellent comment by Frank Daniels, which could be a post in itself, comes a link to this article about self-publishing in Time Magazine, which basically echoes why the SPR began in the first place. Articles like this could signal the beginning of self-publishing being taken seriously.…

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Barack Obama and the Shift in Culture

Today can’t go by without mentioning the inauguration of Barack Obama.  I can think of no better metaphor for what’s happening than the landing of the plane in the Hudson last week.  George Bush’s presidency was marked by the nightmare of 9-11. …

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Preconceptions about Self-Publishing

In a strange way, self-published books are held to a higher standard than traditionally published books. Here’s what happens: a reviewer or reader receives a book and is informed that it’s self-published. The reader then reads the book looking for clues about why the book was self-published.…

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Book Editors and Journalists on Self-Publishing

This link is making the rounds in the self-publishing blogosphere. It contains a long list of quotes that are alternately heartening and maddening.

The heartening includes:

Self published books are a positive step towards allowing talented writers with little resources to print and market their own talents and we encourage writers from all publishers to submit their work.

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