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Preconceptions about Self-Publishing

In a strange way, self-published books are held to a higher standard than traditionally published books. Here’s what happens: a reviewer or reader receives a book and is informed that it’s self-published. The reader then reads the book looking for clues about why the book was self-published.…

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Book Editors and Journalists on Self-Publishing

This link is making the rounds in the self-publishing blogosphere. It contains a long list of quotes that are alternately heartening and maddening.

The heartening includes:

Self published books are a positive step towards allowing talented writers with little resources to print and market their own talents and we encourage writers from all publishers to submit their work.

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Self-Publishing Mistakes

Running a site devoted to self-publishing, for however short a period, I’ve gotten a quick sense into some of the mistakes self-publishers make when sending out a book. I don’t want to single anyone out here by linking to anyone, but I wanted to point these things out.…

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Darryl Sloan: Magician

Darryl Sloan, author of the novel, Chion – soon to be reviewed by the Self-Publishing Review – has some interesting thoughts about self-publishing. It is in line with the basic manifesto of the Self-Publishing Review: the fact that the ill-conceived books have come to represent self-publishing on the whole.…

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Self-Publishing and the Blogosphere

There’s a phenomenon particular to the arts, where people don’t realize their degree of talent.  Call this the American Idol phenomenon.  On the first few shows of American Idol, people gawk and laugh at the contestants who have so little clue how little talent they actually have. …

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The Current State of Self-Publishing

The simple truth is that the quality of most self-published books is terrible.  And unfortunately this fact is bringing down the entire culture around self-publishing, as people don’t trust a self-published book is any good.  At the same time, you can find people reading a book and saying, “I can’t believe this is self-published,” both happy to have discovered something new and lamenting the fact that so many prospective writers have to resort to self-publishing when ignored by traditional publishers.…

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