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Amazon KDP Pre-Orders – Worth It Or Not?

Often authors ask, “Is it worth it for me to stick my book on pre-order?” Here’s why it’s worth it, and not worth it, depending on where you are with your book, your series, and your goals for ranking and sales on Launch Day.

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Six Ways You Are Ruining Your Book Marketing Campaign

There’s a great deal of information out there to be sifted through to market your book well – but there’s also a lot you could be taking on board that could do your book more damage than good. Cate Baum busts some of the myths of indie book marketing and what you should do instead.

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How To Fix Your Ingram Spark PDF – With Free PDF Fix Download

Ingram Spark PDF IssuesFor many reasons, some authors decide to forgo the most popular path of publishing with Amazon’s Createspace and use the popular service at Ingram Spark/Lightning Source. However, the PDF guidelines given do not fully prepare an author for troubleshooting, and state that each time an author has to re-upload the file because it’s not correct, they will be charged $25.…

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IndieReader and SPR Partner For Combo Deal For Authors

Self-Publishing Review and IndieReader team up to give indie authors 10% discount on editorial book reviews 

 Get a Combo Deal Indiereader and SPR Review and save 10%

Top indie book review sites IndieReader and Self-Publishing Review have partnered up to provide a combo deal for independent authors everywhere.

This deal saves almost $20 off the normal price for a standard IndieReader book review and an SPR Classic Book Review, and means the author makes one combined purchase instead of having to go to both sites to make the order.…

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Paid Reviews – What Everyone Keeps Getting Wrong (Still)

Myths about paid reviewsWhy does everyone misunderstand a paid review? Let’s get into the myths. Also, scroll down for real time proof that paid reviews do in fact sell books.

MYTH A paid review is any review you paid for

TRUTH There are three types of paid review.…

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Ten Ways To Take A Negative Book Review On The Nose

Crying babyA mixed or negative review can be instrumental in development of an author’s career for many reasons, and even if published on Amazon it should not be regarded as a personal affront or an attack. Cate Baum outlines the main reasons your review could be surprisingly negative, and how can you deal with this?

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