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Crowdsourcing with PubSlush

This looks promising – a  Kickstarter, but only for books.  Or: a kind of Authonomy, but where people actually put down money instead of votes.

The process is simple. Just as it’s done in the publishing world, we ask authors to submit ten pages and a summary of their book.

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“Look Inside” for Kindle Books – 3 Tips for Authors

You'll see a Look Inside logo over the cover of a Kindle Book

Recently Amazon added to Kindle Store a new, very useful feature – Look Inside. It is the same feature as Look Inside for printed editions but it’s showing the content of the relevant Kindle book.…

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Kindlegraph is the Newest Bestseller Among IndiePub Authors

This past week I wrote a column for the blog, ‘Starved Writer’, on the topic of innovations in eBook technology and already I have to take back my words  My column posted just days before the newest innovation in eBook technology went viral. …

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A New Author Resource: Pay-With-A-Tweet

Raise your hand if you’re guilty…

I’m raising my hand, both actually, because I’m totally, 100% guilty…

…of wanting free stuff. Free gift with purchase? I’m so there! Free samples at Sams? Get in line. Free reads? You know it!

I’ve discovered an awesome way to share digital content with readers in a way that doesn’t cost them a dime and yet gives the author the promotion and recognition they deserve.…

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What Are You Talking About?

Authors need to know about book publishing, especially if they intend to have their books published. Going into publishing your book based on perceived misconceptions is what leads to mistakes that can sometimes be costly in dollars and your book’s success.…

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A Spotify for Books

I’ve been using Spotify pretty religiously recently, and it’s amazing.  So amazing that it sort of seems like it should be illegal.  What is Spotify? If you’ve ever used iTunes, it’s like that, but with access to everyone else’s iTunes library at once – including your own. …

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Smith Publicity: Marketing for Self-Publishers

I don’t have any direct experience with Smith Publicity, but it’s nice to see this as part of their manifesto:

Over the last ten years, self-publishing has evolved from what was stigmatized as amateurish endeavor to an increasingly accepted and exciting form of publishing.

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How to Format a Kindle Ebook

If you’ve got a blog, you’re probably familiar with what it takes to format for the Kindle.  If a tag like <em> is totally unfamiliar to you, it’ll be a bit harder to get up to speed, but HTML code is actually not as complicated as it looks – especially as it pertains to a Kindle book, which doesn’t need a huge list of formatting commands.…

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