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eBook Author: Rendering your eBooks

Rendered eBooks
The eBook Author has the opportunity to add to the reading experience. The eBook conversion process must be much more than converting a paper book to a digital format. It must take advantage of the power of the electronic reader.…

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The Author Interview

If you are going to become an established author, you’re going to be interviewed.

While print interviews are the easiest (writer-posted questions, giving you time to think of your answers), readers want to see and hear an author they have read, or may want to read.…

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Sell Your Book – Get a Book Widget

Now that your book is published, you want to use every means to promote and sell it. A book widget is a compact and convenient visual to add to your web site/blog and e-mail signature line that attracts viewers to explore and buy your book.…

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SEO Book Marketing: Directory Submissions

In a recent interview on Smashwords Books Reviewed, I said this:

I actually spent $70 on an SEO link-building service recently – submitting my site to directories with different keyword phrases.  It actually worked, because now my novel comes up in the top results for “UFO fiction,” “World War III fiction” and others. 

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Getting A Book Published—The Most Important Question to Ask Yourself Before You Make Publishing Decisions

The Dilemma

As a writer, you are confronted with a dizzying array of publishing and self-publishing alternatives, including: commercial houses; specialty/independent houses; print-on-demand (POD) companies; and e-book companies. Many firms offer a mind-boggling variety of packages for pre-publishing, marketing, and distribution, with prices from almost free to $11,000+.…

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Ebook Opportunities

I’ve wanted for some time to report my experiences with pretty much every serious player in the ebook sales arena, but I’ve held off to see if B&N’s PubIt program ever went live. It has, I’ve uploaded 42 titles, and I’m ready to go.…

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